Friday, June 01, 2007

The Ocho

Yes, I realize it is past 1am and I am writing on this blog. My sleep schedule has been so off lately. I come home and fall asleep at 730-8pm and don't wake up until midnight. Then, of course, I'm up for a few more hours before I fall asleep again to wake up at 7am for work. And I must admit I'm chowing down on a cold leftover hamburger I had for dinner as I type. I am such a mess. LOL

Anyhow, my good friend Sticky Bun tagged me a few weeks ago and I have been so rude not to answer. I hope she forgives me. Here are 8 random facts about me...and yes, they are TOTALLY random:

1. I get claustrophobic in Ikea. It is the ONLY store that makes me feel like I can't breathe and that I must get out. Probably because of the maze of the traffic and no exit in sight.

2. I was born with an extra muscle between my two front teeth. So, I have a gap in my teeth. It used to make me self conscious but now I think it gives me character.

3. I am double-jointed in both of my elbows. My DH endearingly calls it "freak arm".

4. I have emetophobia, which is an irrational fear of vomit. I will go into a full-fledged panic attack at the sight, smell or anything involving vomit. Even the talk of it makes me nervous. But in a movie, it is okay. I don't get it but I've been like that since about the age of 12.

5. My new boss and I live parallel lives. She used to work at the same office I did, she graduated from the same college, and she got pregnant within her first month of starting this job. Strange, huh?

6. I will not eat peas by themselves. Peas must be in soup or a casserole for me to eat them.

7. I can't stand to have a strand of hair on me. In the shower, I will go to great lengths to ensure all loose strands go down the drain so I won't have to look at them.

8. My notes for work and school must be perfect. If there is one little flaw or scratch-out, I will rip out the page and do it all over.

Now that I have exposed my freakish-ness, I must retreat back to my bed (ahem, couch) for more Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It's the only thing on TV at this hour besides Skinemax.