Monday, June 04, 2007

Tomorrow, I Love Ya

You're only a day away...

I have barely been able to concentrate all day long. I keep thinking about our appointment tomorrow when we'll see our sticky bean for the first time. I keep fantasizing about hearing a heartbeat or seeing the little "C" shaped miracle in the monitor. I keep imagining DH's expression or emotions after confirming everything is as it should be.

Surprisingly, I'm not terrified of something being wrong. I have that lingering thought, "what if we don't see or hear a heartbeat?" But I've tried to stay positive and convince myself that YES, we have finally arrived at the gates to Babyville and NO, we are not being turned away again.

At 6w3d, I think I may finally be suffering from a bout of morning sickness. I say "I think" because, while I haven't had any strong enough urges to run to the bathroom and pray to the porcelain goddess, I have had mild attacks of nausea. Sometimes, just the thought of eating makes me feel ill. Or after eating, I feel extremely full - even if I only had half of my usual portion. I'm certainly not complaining at all. I just go back and forth about exactly what morning sickness is. The best way to explain it for me is feeling hungover without the actual vomiting.

I've also started with the cravings. For over a week now, I've had strong cravings for red meat - hamburgers, steaks, ground beef, etc. This weekend it was tacos. Even waking up in the morning, I thought "hmmm....a taco sounds good right now". Huh? A taco at 8am? I must be crazy. Nah, just pregnant.

Last night, however, I had a strong craving for a lamb gyro. I normally try to go with beef because I feel "less bad" about eating a cow than a lamb. I don't get my reasoning for this but it is the truth. Well, last night I really didn't seem to care about Mary's little white friend. I wanted one anyway. But, DH went out of his way to cook pasta for me so I had to give up my craving.

Today, however, all I want is bread. I had potato chips in the AM as a snack and a bagel and a half for lunch. I am sure I'm going into carb overload now. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Is that the pregnancy fatigue setting in or is that just from eating so much crap? Who knows.

I have an hour and a half left until I can go home and lay down and dream about our little snowflake until tomorrow becomes a reality.


Natalie said...

Hmmm. Your morning sickness sounds like my every day. LOL I don't think I'd really notice if I got M/S unless I was literally puking. (I have a touchy stomach.)

Cravings are funny though. ;)

I'm so excited for you to see your little bean!!

Sticky Bun said...

ooo--Have fun tomorrow! I hope it goes well and I'm so glad you get to see the l'il bean!