Sunday, April 22, 2007

Walk for a Cure

The MS Walk 2007 was a huge success! Our team raised over $5,000 for the National MS Society. The weather was so beautiful and I was able to really talk to my friend, who I hadn't seen in ages. We talked about her new pregnancy (she's now at 6 weeks) and how she is feeling (great - no morning sickness so far!). I got the chance to meet her friends and family, including her husband in who's honor we were walking. She also told me a little about MS, as she works for the MS Society here in Maryland. There are some amazing technological advances coming for MS and they are hoping to either have a cure or a major breakthrough for the disease by 2012. It felt so great to get out there and walk for a good cause. I could have walked a few more miles because it was such perfect sunshine. I even got some sun on my face. Now, this is the kind of weather I've been wanting!

DH is back from his Atlantic City bachelor party weekend. All the guys went skydiving and surprisingly, everyone lived to tell the tale. LOL. DH said it was a thrill, but the harness was hurting his "boys", if you get my drift. They went out for drinks and hit a strip club so the groom could get a lap dance. DH said he was only in there for 15-20 minutes. I HATE strip clubs so the fact that DH was even in there grosses me out but whatever. It's just that we are trying to have a baby and we are newlyweds so it just feels sleazy for him to be around all these naked women. It's just my opinion but I'm not his mother so I can't tell him what to do. All I can do is say it makes me uncomfortable. Honesty is the best policy, they say.

Now for the best news:

I was telling you all about my "extremely light" AF in my last post. Well, yesterday, she decided to arrive with a vengeance. Now, would that be considered CD1 or CD3 after the 2 days before of light bleeding/spotting? I've decided to leave it as CD3, mainly because it is just easier to calculate.

I got the go-ahead from the RE yesterday for our new protocol: 100mg Clomid on CD5-9 with a HCG TRIGGER! WOOHOO! DH is excited because he feels that we are being much more proactive this time. I think he is getting really hopeful about this cycle, which is both comforting and intimidating at the same time. I love the fact that he is feeling good and is ready to jump into this eagerly. However, it puts a lot of pressure on all the variables involved. Everything must fall into place perfectly, and let's face it, nothing has been perfect in TTC so far. So, why expect any different? Of course, I hope for the best and expect the worst. But, with each passing month, I can see that DH is beginning to feel the sting of the BFN. We have always wanted kids but with turning 28 this year, I know he is thinking he should have at least one by now. And I desperately want to make that dream come true for the both of us.

I'm obviously a trigger virgin so I'm a little nervous about the shot itself. I'm not sure if it is a subcutaneous shot or an intramuscular one. If it is a subcu shot, I can just do it myself in the tummy or the thigh. No biggie. DH feels a little uneasy giving me an intramuscular so I may have to ask my mom or the RE to do it in that case. I guess I will just see what the needle looks like before I make any decisions on who will inject me. I need someone with a steady hand who knows what they're doing. The last thing I need is a super sore ass when I'm supposed to BD.


Sticky Bun said...

Hooray--glad you got your protocol! And, don't worry about the trigger. It's not terrible, you'd be surprised. :-) Good luck!

Baby Blankenship said...

Yippee...I can't wait to hear all about the BDing :)~ Keep your faith girl, I see great things in y'alls future!!! Hope you have a nice week off, and I hope to hear from you! Talk to you soon!

Love ya ~ Mandy

Natalie said...

Yay!! The trigger shot isn't really much of anything.... it's sub-cue, I got it in my stomach and I seriously barely felt it. The nurse did mine. :)

s day said...

Hey! you are right where K and I were last month.... the injection really isn't bad at all. My doc did it and I DIDN'T FEEL A THING. I didn't even wince.... it isn't half as bad as a flu shot:0) Good LUCK!