Monday, April 16, 2007

Sick as a Dog

So much for enjoying the weekend. I woke up on Sunday morning with a 101 degree fever. Not fun! I thought I was in the clear, being as though it is April and I've been able to avoid illness during flu season. Guess I was wrong. The fever eventually broke but my head feels like a brick. A heavy, congested brick with a sore throat to match. I think it is the post-nasal drip irritating my poor larynx. Anyway, I've been one miserable girl for several days now.

It all started Saturday around 3pm. DH and I had an appointment to look at a new apartment and we were on our way when I started to get a headache. It started out as a nagging pain and gradually became a severe migraine, accompanied by the sore throat. Probably around the time they told us the price of their beautiful 2BR/2BA was $1800/month - crazy! We left the apartment tour and came home so I could take some Tylenol. The medicine barely put a dent in it and I went to bed, praying I would wake up feeling refreshed. That brings me back to the beginning of my story.

At first I thought it was an adverse reaction to the Provera. Mr. Google himself said fever can be a side effect. However, the sore throat and runny nose have me thinking it is just a nasty cold. I only have one pill left to take tomorrow anyway, so if the Provera is the culprit, it won't last too much longer.

Today at work, I sent out "the email" to all of my colleagues to let them know it was my last week. I received some of the nicest messages back from people, wishing me the best on my future endeavors. It was nice to know I've made an impression on people. Makes me feel good.

Also, we spoke to our apartment complex and our apartment has been rented already! We have to move out by May 6th, which was our plan with buying the house. Unfortunately, now that that plan is a no-go, we have to find a new apartment in just over a week. Whoa! DH is feeling nervous and I probably should be but I'm surprisingly not. I've researched tons of apartments in the areas we are interested in and there are plenty of availabilities in that time frame. I am just planning to make appointments for tours this upcoming Saturday and decide on one at that point. That is totally untypical of me - I usually have to be in control of everything and feel secure in my decisions. I guess the cold medicine is making me much more calm and steady. It's a nice change but I'd rather be feeling my normal, healthy, happy self.


Baby Blankenship said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well honey...I hope you start feeling better soon. Keep me updated on the apartment situation, that does sound kind of hectic, but keeping calm is the best thing in these types of situations. I know it will work out for you guys! Talk to you soon!!!

Love ya ~ Mandy

Southern Comfortable said...

Ugh-- so sorry to hear that you've been sick! I think the crazy weather and pollen have brought a lot of people down. So not fun.