Friday, April 13, 2007

Cease and De-Cyst

I'm happy to report that I am now officially cyst-free! My RE couldn't find any sign of a cyst during my u/s this morning. WOOHOO!!! I even yelled out "YAY!!!!" while I was lying on the table, feet in the stirrups and everything. The things we get amused with, eh? They also did some bloodwork which confirmed anovulation (duh, my chart was right!) so here is my new protocol:

1. Provera starting tonight for 5 days. AF should come 3-7 days after the last pill.
2. Call RE for baseline u/s on CD2 once AF arrives.
3. 100mg Clomid from CD5-9 and PCT at O.

Hopefully, the Provera won't give me too terrible of side effects. From what I've heard/read, the main symptoms seem to be breast tenderness, nausea, and skin breakouts. The nausea won't be such an issue if I take it at night with a small snack or with milk. The other two I can handle, considering they are a part of my usual cycle anyway. I've also read that once you get AF, even the jumbo-size tampons and diaper-size pads can't save you from her wrath. I'm praying for her mercy but honestly, I'm just glad to be moving forward and getting on with the TTC game. I'm tired of being benched just after warming up!

This coming cycle, I'll finally get some good use out of those digital OPKs I bought and that PreSeed. They've been gathering dust for a month now and are just dying to come out and play.

I thought this was pretty good news for a Friday the 13th. Now if I can avoid walking under ladders, crossing the path of a black cat or breaking a mirror, we'll be in business.

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M said...

Since I never O on my own...when taking Provera AF wasn't too heavy for least not any heavier than BCP cycles, unless it had been months since AF. I hope it comes and goes very soon.