Friday, April 27, 2007

My First Day

Today was my first day at my new job. It felt like my first day of school, meeting new faces and starting a new journey. Traffic was horrendous due to torrential rain and it took me about 2 hours to get there this morning, but once I did, it was totally worth it. I walked to my new desk and laying there was a card, signed by everyone in the office, congratulating me on being a part of the team. We had an internal meeting at 11am where everyone again congratulated me and I was able to officially introduce myself and hear more about the company and what the future plans will be. The office may actually be moving this summer to Millersville, which will be even closer to our new apartment. My new boss took us all out to lunch at Ledo's Pizza to celebrate my first day, where we talked and bonded. I came back and started right away with a small media plan. It was the BEST first day. Everyone was just so sweet and welcoming. I can't wait to go back next week. It's that kind of environment that everyone wishes they had. I feel so lucky. I just have a great feeling about all of it.

Yesterday, I had a girl's day out with MIL and SIL and our neice. I had so much fun. We went to downtown Fredericksburg for lunch and shopped in some vintage boutiques. We then went to the mall to walk around and talk some more. My SIL had my neice's ears pierced and we all went out to dinner. I loved spending time with them and doing some sisterly bonding. We talked about doing a girl's weekend, where I could spend Friday through Sunday in VA with them. I think it might be great to spend some time with my second family and get to know each other more. I learn something new about them everytime we get together so I feel closer to them each and every time. I am glad we are past our misunderstandings and can now have the relationship we've always wanted to have.

Tonight is my last dose of Clomid. YAY! I have had a bit of soreness in my ovaries today so I hope that means I'll get some nice, big follies on Monday's u/s. I figure I'll start with my OPKs on Monday to see if I can finally see an LH surge. I've never gotten that "happy face" on the digitals and I'm ready to see it!

Tomorrow, I am going to the Christina Aguilera concert with my mom, my dad and my aunt. It should be fun! I've heard it is a great show and I could use a good time before our move next weekend and after my first big day.

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