Friday, March 02, 2007

Under Pressure

Okay, I am totally ready for this black rain cloud over my head to go away! Just when things start looking up, I just happen to step in a stinky pile of bad luck.

Yesterday, as I was returning to work from my lunch break, I was having a problem finding a parking space (which isn't uncommon in this building). I finally found one but it was against a wall. As I swung out to avoid hitting the wall, I scraped against the parked car next to me. Talk about scared and embarassed! I had NEVER done that before, EVER! The only accident I've ever had was back when I was 17 and drove into a ditch. That only involved my car so it was pretty easy to deal with. Anyway, I got out and examined the damage and it looked like a smudge on the passenger door and maybe a dent but if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't have even noticed it. Absolutely NO damage to my Jeep at all. As a matter of fact, I looked it up and down and couldn't find a scratch! Anyway, I had to call the property management company to find out who's car it was and then tell the owner. Luckily, she was friendly and because the damage was minor, she didn't throw a fit. I called my insurance company and filed a claim so it is being taken care of. I know they call it an "accident" for a reason. But I just couldn't believe my stupidity! I am so angry with myself, although I know I shouldn't be so down. Things happen. It just seems like ALOT of things have happened recently. DH was very supportive and told me that this is why we have insurance and not to worry myself. It could have been a lot worse. Not that that makes me feel better but he definitely comforted me when I got home and even made me dinner so I wouldn't have to worry.

Also, after all the stress yesterday with the accident, I started spotting. It began around 445pm yesterday. It was just brown-tinted CM when I wiped but nothing on my panties. After the wipe, nothing - totally dry. Then, it happened again this morning. Some light brown CM when I wiped. I tried pushing for more but there was nothing leftover. Just a note: I NEVER spot unless it is directly before AF or directly after. I am only 10dpo so I know it is too early for that witch to show up on her broomstick. She isn't due until Tuesday. Could it have been due to the stress or is it implantation? I find it pretty hard to believe we would conceive during the very month we were avoiding and using condoms. I don't recall any spillage that took place. Hmmmm...what could this be? I doubt it is low progesterone since my temps are staying high above the CL. I am definitely keeping my eye on this since it is out of the ordinary. The last time we got pregnant, I was on BCP, so stranger things have happened! DH and I have agreed that I will test on Sunday just to know once and for all.

While my luck is nonexistent, it seems DH has some things to look forward to. His father's company called him about an application he put in a few weeks ago. It seems they are looking to hire someone. We know for a fact that this company pays good money (since we have an inside source - FIL!) so this is a HUGE deal. This job change for DH could allow us to finally buy a home. We would most likely move to Delaware or to the eastern shore of MD, but the greatest advantage is that I wouldn't have to work! Of course, I would work until we got pregnant and had a baby, but this would definitely allow me to be a SAHM for as long as I wanted. I am really crossing my fingers for this one to come through. It's amazing when I think of how this one opportunity could forever change our lives. It is hard not to get your hopes up but I am remaining a calm and reassuring force for DH since I know this is TONS of pressure.

So, when, exactly, is this St. Patrick's Day luck supposed to hit? Maybe I should start wearing more green. Then again, I have been green with envy everytime someone pops up preggers lately. Does that count?

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Natalie said...

Man, sorry about the car. I think I would freak out if that happened!

The spotting is weird. I know my body LOVES to play tricks on me and do weird things it's never done before ever, just to freak me out. I bet that's what your body is doing, lol.