Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Beginnings

I never thought I'd be so happy to see the witch! She appeared yesterday evening after a HUGE temp drop that morning. I was surprised to say the least, since FF had moved my O date and had me under the assumption that I was only 11dpo. I've always had a 13-14 day LP so I decided to manually override my chart with FF's original O date of February 18. That made it a 12-day LP, which is somewhat shorter but closer to the norm. I can deal with that.

I am so excited that the avoiding is over and I start my Clomid on Wednesday. Yahoo! I'm nervous yet excited to move forward with our plan. I'm mainly nervous about the side effects since I've never been on hormones before. I figure it could go one of two ways: (a) I could turn into a sobby, wimpering mess or (b) I could mutate into a bitchy, evil nag. If I have a choice in the matter, I'll take what's behind curtain A. Then again, I'd rather stay myself if I can. Even taking into account the PMS, hot flashes and cottonmouth associated with Clomid, I am super excited at the thought of finally getting lucky this month. It seems unbelievable to me that we could actually reach our goal and get what we've been dreaming of. All of the side effects in the world would mean so little just to see those two pink lines.

I feel like this is a new beginning for us, as if we are TTC for the first time. This time, however, we have ammo for our arsenal. We are fighting the battle of infertility and we actually have decent odds at achieving victory.

According to Dr. Richard Marrs, 80% of women on Clomid ovulate regularly, approximately 7-10 days after completing their 5-day regimen. Of those women, approximately 50% become pregnant within 6 months of treatment.

I like those odds, even though there is still a good chance it may not work and we will have to consider IUI. I am remaining positive and in high spirits that Clomid will be our miracle drug. It also increases the chance of twins or multiples by 10% so that also gives me hope that we'll be lucky x 2!

Tomorrow, first thing in the AM, I am calling the fertility center to get my prescription. I also have to schedule a CD12 u/s and the PCT. Not sure if I can schedule the PCT yet since that depends on when I actually O. Guess I'll have to invest in some digital ovulation tests. I hate reading the color of the lines. Then again, those digital tests are expensive. Hey, that's what Ebay is for!

I'll just let the RE tell me what it is I need to do. Right now, I am at her service. I am putting my body in her hands and I pray that it pays off.

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Natalie said...

I really hope clomid works for you!! Good vibes, good vibes! And yes... starting treatment feels like starting all over again... getting a fresh start. :D