Monday, March 05, 2007

Hope In A Bottle

Who would've thought that a pill so small could hold the key to something so huge? I just picked up the prescription for my Clomid ($14 - can't beat that!) and I can't stop staring at the bottle. I've read all of the instructions and I feel pretty good. None of the side effects are scaring me away. The benefits greatly outweight the negatives so the fear has faded and given way to anxiety. I can't wait to get back in the game. My hope lays within this tiny little bottle.

As for the rest of our fertility plan, my CD12 ultrasound will be on March 14th in the AM. Hopefully, it will show several big fat follies and no nasty cysts. With 3 or 4 eggs, I just know the 2ww will be torture. Could you imagine twins after our struggle? Okay, okay, I know I'm jumping the gun here but at least I'm remaining positive, right?

Second order of business: I purchased some digital ovulation tests from Ebay so once I get my LH surge (in the form of a too cute smiley face), I can call the fertility center and make an appointment for the PCT. DH and I will BD 8-12 hours before the test so we can see if my mucus is sufficient enough for the spermies to swim through. I also ordered some PreSeed so that my mucus can get a boost, whether it is needed or not. Better safe than sorry, I figure. We are going to do EVERYTHING we can do to get that high rating and introduce our sperm and egg(s). Blind dates rarely hit it off but when they do it is one in a million. *wink*

We are now ready to wage war on IF. For so long, we've been fighting an unarmed battle so it feels good to up our odds.

On the job front, I have my second interview with the concierge company tomorrow morning. I am somewhat nervous but I am of the mindset that I can only do my best. I am pretty confident in my interviewing skills so I hope it serves me well. A new job offer with more moolah would certainly be helpful with our endeavors.

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Natalie said...

Yes! Armed up and ready to kick some a$$! :D Even if it doesn't work the first try for you, at least you did something proactive. (But of course it WILL work the first try. RIGHT?!)