Friday, March 16, 2007


Pretty crappy way to start out a Friday. It's been raining like cats and dogs outside and DH took the sole umbrella so I'm stuck looking like a hot mess. Not to mention my interview at 3pm this afternoon. They are going to take one look at me and send me on my way. Well, hopefully they don't do that but I'm not looking as good as I'd like to for a first impression. I'm a tad bit nervous about this one because I REALLY want it. I mean, the drive won't be convenient at all (about an hour away) but the extra money will be great and being a buyer is something that interests me. I work for a media buying agency so I am well versed in what it takes. And I think I have "it". I think if I make a great impression, there is no question that I would get this job. My experience seems to impress them so I'm hoping my personality can do the same.

I'm also a bit nervous about my appointment tomorrow, naturally. Common sense tells me that this cyst is hanging around and hasn't magically disappeared in three days. All I can do is pray that my left follie is growing and ready for release. That's my only hope. I am preparing some questions for the doctor tomorrow just in case they say BCP are the only option. I want to know if they could give me an HCG trigger to force the left one to release, and if so, how much that would cost me out of pocket. I know insurance isn't going to cover that one. Also, I want to know if Femara or Metformin may be better options because of lesser side effects. If worst comes to worst and the above are not options for now, I will request to have an HSG next cycle. If I have to be benched from TTC, I still want to get some answers as to what exactly is causing our infertility. An HSG can rule out tubal defects or any uterine abnormalities so I think it would be useful for our future protocol, whatever that winds up being.

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