Friday, March 16, 2007

Job Update

I just wanted to give you guys an update about the interview. I think it was one of the BEST interviews I've given in a long time. I felt confident and inspired when I was speaking with them. I got excited about the position, which I haven't really experienced before. I can really see myself going somewhere with it. It is a new position that was created since the agency has so much business. This is my opportunity to build a media department from the ground up - take a leadership role and really show what I am made of. Their niche market in the healthcare industry is in high demand today and I think this could finally be the career step I've been looking for. The staff was super friendly and I could see myself fitting right in with the corporate culture. The only thing that wasn't so great was the commute but thanks to my handy dandy GPS system, it went smoothly. I'm just not sure how it would be in rush hour traffic. They did mention that the hours could be somewhat flexible (i.e. 8a-4p, 9a-5p, 10a-6p) so that should help me to work around the traffic dilemma. Also, because of the flexibility of the position, it is (most likely) possible that if I were to get pregnant, I could drop back to part-time or stay full time and telecommute 2 days a week. Sounds almost perfect, right?! I'm not sure about the pay but I gave them my "range" and told them it was negotiable. I am always a little afraid that I am overshooting a bit, but I really feel I deserve what I'm asking. Besides, says I'm worth it, LOL.

They said they have a few more people to interview next week and will make a decision very soon. I am hopeful that this works out. Between this and the concierge position, I hope I get at least one offer. Keep those crossables crossed for me!


Sticky Bun said...

There's the great book called "Women don't ask," which is all about how women don't shoot high enough when negotiating for jobs. So, don't worry about shooting high! The worst they can say is no...but why negotiate with yourself before they have the chance to weigh in? :-)

Good luck--I hope you hear back soon!

Kristen said...

Thanks, girl! I know I sometimes don't give myself enough credit. I will have to check out that book! Thanks again for that suggestion :)