Sunday, March 18, 2007

Change in Plans

Good news and bad news from yesterday's RE appointment. The good news is that my cyst seems to be shrinking. YAY!!!! The measurements decreased a good bit so the doc felt no reason to give me BCP right now. I have to go back on Tuesday for a repeat u/s to be sure it is still going away. Looks like I'm on the 3-day monitoring plan. Hey, I'm not really complaining because they seem to be very proactive with our fertility. I'd much rather have to go through a transvag every 3 days and be uncomfortable for a few minutes than to sit around everyday wondering what is going on inside of me.

The bad news is that it doesn't look like I will be releasing any eggs this cycle. At least not anytime soon. My secondary left follicle only grew 1mm in 3 days so it is not large enough to release (only 14mm, and it needs to be more like 20mm). So, in short, the 50mg of Clomid didn't work for me. So sad...

My new protocol will be to continue monitoring this cycle to check on the cyst and any other follies that may pop out of the woodwork. If the cycle goes on too long, I will probably request Provera to just end it and move on. After AF arrives, they will do a baseline u/s to be sure the cyst has disappeared. Once that is confirmed, they will up my dosage to 100mg. We will also postpone the postcoital test until next cycle when I will (hopefully) have a more predictable O.

I'm a little nervous about increasing my dosage because I'm afraid the side effects will be much worse. On 50mg, all I experienced were hot flashes and even those weren't intolerable. With 100mg, I could turn into the sap or bitch that I always feared of becoming. Because I am aware of the consequences, I have been extra careful with how I approach things and how I handle delicate matters. I have made a special effort not to lash out or show anger or impatience, even if that is my first reaction. I just hope I can continue this behavior when I'm put to the test.

Yesterday, was my mom's 48th birthday so DH and I went to visit her and take her out to dinner to celebrate. We went to the mall and did some shopping. I bought a dress for our friends' wedding in May. It is absolutely stunning. It is a formal affair and DH is in the wedding so he will be wearing a tux, and I wanted something elegant to go right along with it. I call it the "Marilyn" dress because it reminds me of something she would have worn. Here is a picture of the dress (although mine is not aqua, it is a gold color underneath:

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I also bought some gorgeous black sandals to go with it. I'm so excited to wear it. The most exciting thing is that the dress is a size 4! It fits perfectly but I can't gain any weight or else I won't be able to breathe, LOL.

Also, FIL is getting married in July and I bought a black dress with white trim for that one. It is more semi-formal but still very pretty - stretchy fabric with mesh flutter sleeves. The neckline is a deep V with white rope intertwined with black. Sexy but classy and the rope is even a little nautical since the ceremony will be on a boat. And I got it for 40% off! I could also wear this to parties or other functions that call for a little black dress so it is very versatile.

Okay, enough about my shopping addiction. Off to enjoy my Sunday before awful Monday begins!

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