Friday, March 30, 2007

Crisis Averted

I spoke to my supervisor-to-be and she was totally cool with starting me on the 27th with a half-day on the 30th. Yeah! She gave me congratulations on the house and told me she had been through 2 closings so she knows they move slowly. She is so easygoing and I just have a great feeling about working for her. I think we will really mesh well and at the same time, I know I can learn a lot from her. My official last day in my current position will be April 20. That will give me a full week to prepare before my new beginning.

I have been so anxious that I can barely eat. I tend to hold my stress in my stomach and so when I have good stress or bad stress, I don't eat. I actually have to remind myself to eat because I don't get the usual hunger pangs. During the week before my wedding, I lost 5 lbs. because I couldn't eat anything. I wasn't nervous or second-guessing things. I was just excited and anxious for the BIG day. With the house and the new position on the horizon, the same kind of anxiety exists. I guess this happens with any life-changing decision you make. It just happens to be that I am making 2 at the same time. Man, do I really know how to add more stress to my life or what? LOL

Tonight, I finally get to meet one of my East Coast fertility friends. She is in town from NC so we are going out to dinner before her convention. It will be so nice to hook up so I better get my appetite back!

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Southern Comfortable said...

Great news! I'm glad you'll get a little time off before starting the new job.

Hmmm-- I suppose the stress non-eating thing could be a blessing and a curse. I could stand to lose five pounds after all the hormone bloating this month!