Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Straight from the Source

After today's third ultrasound, this cycle has officially been declared a bust. Not from my mouth, straight from the RE. The cyst is still there (and "irregular") but is shrinking. The left follie has remained unchanged so really, I am waiting to see if I O at all. It is possible that the cyst was preventing another follie from releasing, and the decrease in size will allow a delayed O. However, I don't have my hopes up. It would be nice to have a chance at a December baby, but something inside tells me it will be anovulatory this time. If by CD35, AF hasn't arrived, I am supposed to call to get some meds to force her on. On CD2, I will go for a baseline u/s to be sure the cyst is gone. If it has completely gone, I can move on to 100mg Clomid and the postcoital. If it hasn't gone, I will have to sit out the cycle on BCP. I am praying for the former option. As you all know, BCP haven't really been too effective for me in the past and I'd like to be spared of the bad memories.

On the bright side, I no longer have to be violated every third day at 730am with the phallic transvag beast. We were becoming very well-acquainted recently.


Southern Comfortable said...

Ugh-- so sorry about the cyst and the follicle, though I'm glad to hear that at least the cyst is shrinking.

I totally understand about the "cooter cam"-- I'm glad I won't have to visit it for another couple of weeks, at least!

Sticky Bun said...

So sorry to hear about this cycle! I hope AF comes quickly so you can move on to the next!

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