Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It seems that February is going out with a bang. It snowed about 3-4 inches here on top of the black ice that was left over from our Valentine's ice storm. It was a verifiable winter wonderland outside our window today. DH and I, of course, had no food in the house so we had to venture out to the grocery store. I was surprised that it wasn't jam-packed.

Things have definitely calmed down in our household lately. We got a new dining room set from my parents. Well, it is their old one so it isn't really "new" but it is new to us. It is a hutch with matching table and 4 chairs. Plus, the leaf can be added to seat 6. Now we can actually plan parties or have people over for dinner. YAY!!!

Moving the dining room set into the apartment was quite an experience. Since it is solid wood, the pieces weigh a ton. DH and my dad were quite the troopers. However, they loaded up the van on my parent's front lawn, which was soggy from all the melted snow. They got the van stuck trying to get out, and after many muddy attempts alone, had to get a friendly samaritan to help push them out. My mom and I just laughed because it was hilarious to watch. Now, she has a huge muddy hole in her front lawn. Not too attractive but she needed landscaping done anyway so this will be more motivation I guess.

Not much going on in the TTC department. My 2ww is pretty boring since we were avoiding this month. Only about a week left until AF arrives and I can start the Clomid! (It's all about the countdown to me for the next week, if you haven't caught on.) DH and I finally BD'd without a condom last night but I didn't have much fluid to help us out. After O, my CM dries up and gets thick and sticky, which doesn't help when you want to be "accomodating". I hope it gets better for the next time.

Well, I'm off to finish watching the pre-Oscar fashion report. Be back in a jiffy!

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Natalie said...

Oh boy, my mom would be so peeved if my dad put a big hole in their front lawn, lol.

Grats on the "new" furniture! It's always so exciting, lol. We have a table with a leaf (not the best looking though) but we've never had guests for dinner. Oops.