Friday, February 23, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

You know how the saying goes. From the look of the post, you can probably tell that I'm not in the highest of spirits and that things have taken a turn for the worst. Well, here goes...

DH and I now have even more financial issues to deal with - as if the ones we currently have aren't enough. I'm not sure if I told you the story that my bank card number was stolen around Christmas and someone bought a $400 Coach gift certificate with it. Well, I was trying to straighten it out with the bank but they are totally not being helpful (i.e. washing their hands of this claim). They sent us a letter yesterday stating that their investigation department decided the charge was legitimate and that because the billing address matches my name and the card number, there is nothing more they can do without involving the local authorities. They threatened to reverse the $400 credit out of our bank account, so I had to go file a police report yesterday to try and stop this from occuring. Our bills are due in the beginning of March so this would definitely be a hit to us if they took that money. I can't believe this is happening! I have no idea how someone could have gotten all my info but it is really scary. All I can think of is a pizza delivery company because they know our address and card number when we pay by phone. They would also see my name if I presented the card to them upon delivery. I know that none of my friends or family members are responsible so I am shooting in the dark here. All I can say is: please be careful with who sees your card and if you can, try not to use it very often online or by phone. You never know who is on the other end. Even restaurants where you give the waiter or waitress your card - you just don't know. I would hate to see one of my friends in this situation.

This is just another thing to add to the mountain of stress we've been dealing with - and that I've written about. I pray that it ends soon so we can find peace. My anxiety is beginning to build and I'm afraid that my panic attacks will come back if things don't get resolved soon. I hate feeling trapped like there is no way out. As soon as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will feel much better.

Forgot to mention: I FINALLY got a call about the account executive position that I interviewed with over a month ago! Needless to say, I didn't get the position. They said that I "greatly impressed" them and that I was "near the top of the list" but that they went with someone who had more experience. Go figure. Not that I had my hopes up but it hurt to actually hear it. I will just keep pushing on and applying for new opportunities. I have a second interview some time next week for the concierge position. We'll see how that goes. Also, I've found several things I may apply for tonight. One being an account executive position and another being a buyer. Fingers crossed for more calls!

As far as TTC goes, this morning's temp made FF change my O date from CD19 to CD21, which puts me at 3dpo rather than 5dpo. I am not sure what to believe so I guess I will have to wait for the wicked witch of the South (haha, AF) to show so I can figure out my LP. It is always around 13-14 days so I will be able to pinpoint the correct date based on that. We weren't TTC this cycle so it really doesn't matter to me. It is just a 2-day longer wait for my Clomid, my hopeful miracle drug. I did go online and figure out that if I O on March 21, my due date would be my 25th birthday! What a great gift that would be. It is hard not to get my hopes up but with the RE's help and dedicated BDing around O time, we just might get lucky for once. After all, it will be St. Patty's Day and we could sure use some luck around here.

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Natalie said...

:( Wow I'm sorry things have been so tough on you lately. The bank card stealing is wicked sucky. I hate banks.