Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Protection Begins

As I get closer to O time, DH and I have started actively avoiding, aka using condoms. I really hate using them but I know I can't risk having a baby with birth defects so that has become our motivation. I bought the extra thin kind so at least it isn't too uncomfortable. I just miss making love the normal way, if there is a "normal" way of doing it while TTC. A plus side to the avoiding is that I am not as stressed over temping. I slept in this morning and didn't bother to wake at my usual time to temp. It just isn't that important to be accurate everyday this cycle. As long as most of my temps are in order and can indicate O, I'm fine with it being a little off. Definately a stray from the norm!

On the bright side, DH got a promotion! He is now the team lead for his project and will manage other programmers. He is really excited since he has been working extremely hard at this job for over a year now. He works nights and weekends in addition to his normal workdays, and he is finally being repaid for all of his efforts. I am so proud of him. It isn't much more money for the moment but they promised him more when he gets his Masters in August so we are looking forward to that. DH is still planning to keep his options open for a better position but this was a step in the right direction for us. Finally some good news! Now if only one of my job prospects would call...

More good news - I bought tickets to go see Gwen Stefani in Fairfax, VA on May 17th! My mom is going along with me so it will be fun to have a mother-daughter night out. We have great seats in the first tier, seventh row. I can't wait! How nice would it be to be newly pregnant at the concert?! Just a nice thought that wanders its way into my brain...

Speaking of my mom, I called her today about the tickets and she was running a 102 degree fever. She has been on antibiotics so this is definately not normal. I read up online about her antibiotic and it is reason to be concerned. I had the same antibiotic for a bladder infection last year and it caused me terrible side effects too. I told her to call her doctor but I hope everything is okay.

Tomorrow, SIL and the family are coming by to visit DH on his birthday. I know he is looking forward to it. The apartment is in need of some cleaning but I haven't been feeling well today so it will have to get done tomorrow morning before they arrive.

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