Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Long Time Coming

Well, once again, I apologize for the long absence. Things have been hectic lately at work and at home. I've been put on a new business project and have been doing research for that. I've also been put in charge of writing the entire media plan and strategy so that has been taking up my time as well. At least it is keeping me busy so I don't obsess over other things. We filed our 2006 taxes and found out we owe money to the state. I won't say how much because it is quite depressing. I feel like it is all my fault since my job was the one not taking out enough taxes. Its bad enough I can't find another job but now I am costing us more money. We have a plan in order to pay for it but it is still stressful. It seems like no matter what, we are unable to save. My consolidation loans also kicked in today and once again, my monthly expenses are going up while my salary is stagnated. I still haven't heard from any of my job prospects but I'm trying to wait patiently. I hope this week will bring some good news. We could always use some.

Yesterday was DH's birthday so I baked him a red velvet cake and cleaned up the kitchen. He really enjoyed it and it even tastes better today after being refrigerated. I can't believe he is now 28. I remember him being 25 when we first met and it seems like 3 years have gone by so fast.

On the TTC front, AF is completely gone. I had my CD3 bloodwork last week and everything came back NORMAL! No hormone deficiencies here. That is good news but still leaves us with unanswered questions and unexplained infertility. I had my MMR shot yesterday and have had a headache since. I hope the two are not related. Anyway, we are now actively avoiding and anxiously awaiting March, when I get to start the Clomid.

I found a website that predicts conception and gender by the Jonas Method. According to the site, you should BD within 24 hours of the date given in order to get pregnant. If I should fall pregnant in March, they are predicting we will have a boy, but they are not totally clear. They also give a risk factor from 1-5, with anything above 2 being "high-risk"for birth defects. I was given "high-risk" in August and September, so I guess I should avoid those days, huh? It will be interesting to see if these O dates are correct or not...

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