Monday, February 12, 2007


Remember how I said SIL would be coming over on Sunday? Yeah, well, that didn't happen. We cleaned the apartment from top to bottom for her arrival, only for her to cancel at the last minute. I am not one to get involved in family disputes, but I know this hurt DH's feelings. His birthday was last week and I guess it wasn't important enough to that side of the family to go out of their way to see him. It is unfortunate to say the least. Instead, DH and I spent the day with friends and tried not to let our disappointment get us down.

For the past week, I have been getting headaches. Much more frequent than usual. I think they are tension headaches. They start out with a dull pain but gradually become a throbbing pain until I either (a) take some Tylenol or Aleve, or (b) just go to sleep. It is possibly stress related because of the job situation and with the IF and everything going on. I just don't know but I am trying to manage the source of the problem rather than just devouring aspirin at every turn. I'm not sure if it is due to the MMR or if it is just me, but it is certainly unusual.

I saw my first sign of O last night in the form of EWCM after going pee last night before bed. It was definately stretchy and could not be mistaken for any other kind of CM. This morning, it has gone back to its regular sticky self. This is quite normal, as I tend to get a small patch of fertile CM before the real thing begins. I will be happy when O arrives so I can officially count down to the Clomid. I am so excited to get on with TTC and try something different for a change. I am much too impatient for this "avoiding" break. So impatient, in fact, that I spent part of my weekend making a blog for when baby Chumley decides to grace us with his or her presence. Pathetic? Desperate? Maybe. But it did make me feel better nonetheless.

Tonight is DH's long school night so I will be alone. I bought a new fertility book so I will have to read some of it and let you know what I think. It seems to have a lot of medical information so maybe I can get a clearer picture of my future options.

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lunarmagic said...

Sorry about the headaches. :( I know exactly the kind you are talking about, those are the ones I get.

Too funny about making a baby blog. I'm going to convert mine over when the time comes... and I've steadfastly REFUSED to let myself do anything. Cause man some days I want to dabble and design something for the baby... but at this point I think it's better just to avoid the whole idea!