Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wicked Games

Yes, AF made her unpleasant arrival this morning. I felt a small pang of disappointment but since I knew all along I had a snowball's chance in hell of conceiving, it wasn't too terrible. I was able to make my appointment for my CD3 bloodwork on Friday morning and for my MMR shot on Monday. Let's get this February avoiding over with...

Still no word on the job front. I have all but lost hope for ever attaining the position. I am merely waiting for the old "after careful consideration, I'm sorry to report we've chosen another candidate" bit. I have gotten calls for other jobs but it seems the pay ranges are lower than I anticipated. I just don't see the point in going for another job with the same pay when I have 3 weeks vacation and a comfort level with my job here that can be unmatched. I am still suffering from this internal struggle as to what I'm willing to do to move forward. Or what I should do for that matter. It is always more difficult when there are no clear cut answers involved. I am looking for a miracle to present itself and it doesn't seem to be making itself visible right now.

There's not much else to report today. It's pretty slow and boring. DH is going out with a friend tonight so I will be home alone. It will be nice to sit down, relax, and bathe in my own self pity.

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