Saturday, February 17, 2007

And Down We Go

Well, my temp dropped this morning. I just can't win. My chart is beginning to look like the Rockies but I've been pretty good about taking my temp at my usual time and after 3 hours of consecutive sleep. What gives?! I am on CD18 now and I hope I O soon because I can't stand having super long cycles for no good reason. I'm not under a horrible amount of stress so there is no reason I can think of for another delay. Adding insult to injury is the perfect EWCM.

I know I said I wasn't making plans this weekend but a girl is entitled to change her mind. I am going to see my parents and spend the night over at their place tonight. DH is coming along too so we should have fun. I haven't seen them since New Years so I will enjoy meeting up and seeing my furbrothers and fursister.

Okay, back to bed for me. This is way too early for chart obsessing.

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lunarmagic said...

:( Sorry your chart is being wonky. That's no fair. I hope you O soon.

Have fun with your parents!