Friday, February 16, 2007

Up Jumps the Temp

That's right, I got a nice strong temp spike this morning at CD17. I hope I did actually O yesterday at CD16 so I can throw caution to the wind and store away those condoms. Can you tell I'm impatient much? I'd be happy with a CD16 ovulation, especially since that is almost half the time it took compared to last month's CD30. Let's just hope that temp stays high for the next few days so I can get the official crosshairs.

Things have been somewhat hectic at work the past few days after our Valentine's snow day. Deadlines have been fast approaching and I've had to follow up with so many people that my head is spinning. Why did I choose a career in advertising again? My boss is up my a** for something that is not my doing at all. She asked me to push up one of our media plans to start in April, knowing the deadlines were this week. I suggested we wait until May so that we have some time to put together the materials, but no, that idea was shot down. Now that the client has finally decided to go ahead, they have no ad and the deadline was yesterday. So, I now have to scramble around for an extension. Fun stuff. Makes me look like a moron when I think I was the smart one to begin with. But, isn't that usually how it goes?

I'm so glad it is Friday. I have absolutely no plans this weekend and I'd like to keep it that way. It is just too cold and too icy to do anything. I just want to load up on groceries and go home and pig out on the couch with my DH in my pj's. Now, that's a fun weekend to me.

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