Monday, January 29, 2007

In Desperate Need

I am in desperate need of some good fortune. I have yet to hear back from my job prospect and I am beyond antsy. I am at the point where I dread going to work everyday and once I'm actually at my desk, I can't bring myself to willingly do my daily responsibilities. This is how I know I need a change.

Yesterday was a pretty bad day. We were supposed to go bowling in VA to celebrate Rob's birthday and his nephew's birthday (which was on the 21st). I was not involved in the planning but Rob was under the impression that it was to start at 2:30pm. We were more than halfway there when we get a call from his mom, asking where we are because she reserved the lanes from 1-3pm. Rob was pretty upset because he felt that they started without him and failed to confirm the change in time. So, after a falling out over the telephone, we turned around and headed back home. I am trying to stay out of this but I definately support my husband. If it was his birthday party, they shouldn't have started it without the guest of honor. It appears the party was more for his nephew than anyone else.

After going home, we decided to warm up with some Starbucks coffee on the chilly, chilly day. I was looking at some thermoses as we waited in line and as I went to put it back, I accidently knocked into another thermos, which in turn fell onto a ceramic mug, which crashed onto the floor in a billion little pieces. Talk about embarassing! Despite the employees' consolations that everything was fine and not to worry, I couldn't help but want to dash out of there as quickly as possible.

After a good laugh about it, Rob and I decided to go out to eat the Olive Garden. The wait wasn't too long and the food was delicious but when we went back outside, Rob saw he had left his lights on and that his car battery had died. Thanks to some very kind samaritans that gave us a jump, we were able to get back on the road within 15 minutes. After that whole fiasco, we decided to lock ourselves indoors and call it a night.

This morning, my temp spiked again after several dips. Not that I have my hopes up by any means but at least it isn't a straight descent into disappointment. I'm expecting AF by Thursday, which means I can schedule my CD3 bloodwork for Saturday morning. That timing would work out great, so I hope the witch doesn't prolong this cycle anymore than necessary.

I sincerely hope this day goes better than yesterday, although its not looking good. Everyone seems to have the Monday blues and my co-worker is out sick so it makes things harder to coordinate. If there was any day I could choose to get some good news, it would be today. I am simply desperate for some good news. I don't think I can last much longer without it.

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