Friday, January 19, 2007

There's No O in Friday

Still no sign of my little egg. The O fairy certainly forgot about me this month. It is now CD32 and not one sign of her. I told myself I'll at least wait through the weekend to see what happens. If there's no temp spike or AF by Monday (which will be CD35), I will call the RE and ask them what to do. I really want AF to start so I can get the MMR done and get the "avoiding" cycle out of the way. I'm just dreading that...

I spoke with my mother and it turns out that my grandfather did not have another stroke. He had a seizure. So, he is now on seizure medication and blood thinners to lower the risk. Mom said he has been much more active since the incident so I hope that is a positive thing. I am going to meet DH for dinner down in Fells Point tonight and then we will head to my grandmother's to meet my mom. It will be nice to see her and to see some family who I haven't seen in a long time. My aunt and cousin are living with my grandmother now (LONG story) so it will be nice to see them, in particular. My grandmother hasn't always been the nicest woman but as long as I see her in small amounts, I am able to deal with it.

Speaking of family, I finally spoke to my brother. We haven't been on speaking terms for a year after he failed to show at my wedding. We were able to put things behind us and now we are working on rebuilding our relationship. I have to say that it is such a relief, just to not be angry or heartbroken about it anymore. I have a third nephew on the way Tuesday so it is perfect timing really. I hate the fact that they live in CA because I can't fly there every year, and he can't fly here every year either. It makes it difficult to bond with the kids, but I love them and love being an 'aunt'.

Things seem to be falling into place, which is nice. I hope that the new job finds its way into my lap and that a BFP is not too far behind.

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