Monday, January 22, 2007

But There Is an O in Monday!

As of Saturday, I have finally earned my crosshairs!!! I am officially 5dpo. Our BD rating is "low" because we missed the mark due to DH's S/A. It's fine though - I'm just looking forward to AF coming so we can move forward with the testing and get through the "avoiding".

The first snow of the year arrived yesterday afternoon. We got about an inch or so of fluffy white snow so it finally feels like January. It is bitter cold outside and I'm longing for the warmer spring weather to come, even though it has been a mild winter thus far.

Yesterday, which was our 7-month anniversary no less, proved to be a mess of a day. DH and I wound up arguing over family issues. I hate when we allow other people to interfere in our lives but it seems to be a neverending battle to avoid confrontation with others. Issues seem to always arise and even though they turn out to be quite petty, it is still a headache to deal with. I feel as though I try so hard to fit in with his family and sometimes it is to no avail. I am close to the point of just giving up and deciding to no longer go out of my way for people. I haven't reached it yet but I am on the brink of crossing that line. I know that if I do, it will cause problems but I have to stick up for myself at some point. I can't allow people to tread all over me or to think they can treat me however they would like to treat me.

On that note, I am still agonizing over the wait for a decision at this job prospect. I sincerely hope that I hear from them soon. It seems like forever when waiting until Friday and it is only Monday. I keep praying for a good turnout. Okay now, off to lunch!

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