Monday, January 15, 2007

Here, Eggie Eggie

It is now CD28 and still no O. This is beginning to get really old. I can picture myself in an animation talking to my ovary and coaxing the egg to come out. So sad what TTC will do to you...

I did have some super stretchy EWCM this morning so maybe today is my day. Unfortunately, DH and I haven't been able to BD past Friday because of his S/A tomorrow. I'll be happy just to move on with this cycle so I can start on the Clomid and see if that changes our luck for next cycle. I certainly don't have any expectations this month, with how my temps have been acting.

My job interview is tomorrow and I'm beginning to freak out a little. I'm more nervous about calling out sick to my current job than I am about the actual interview. I know they won't be happy about it but I have to give myself this opportunity. I have been sniffling a bit today to show that I do have a cold and that my "sickness" didn't just come out of nowhere. I'm just always afraid they will catch me or say something and I will be trapped. Luckily, I figured the worst thing they could do was to fire me and then I'd just go get unemployment until I found a substitute. That's me: always thinking of Plan B. Not to mention, I have a big presentation on Wednesday for DD Motion, my boss's husband's company for which I'm doing research. I have it completed so as long as I am not behind, I don't see a reason why they could be totally upset in my absence.

Well, wish me luck in my endeavors. I have a lot on my plate and I hope my luck changes for the better.

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