Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally, Some Answers

So, I bet you're wondering how my appointment went yesterday. In short, it was WONDERFUL. Dr. Bass was so nice and I felt totally at ease with her. She reviewed DH's and my medical histories along with my charts. She decided to put me on Clomid to help make my ovulation a bit more predictable. I am supposed to call her when AF arrives so that she can schedule me for CD3 bloodwork and prescribe me the Clomid from CD5-9. I will also go in on CD12 to get an ultrasound and see how my follies are growing. (For those who don't know, your follicles are where eggs are released.) A mature follicle will be approximately 19-20mm. Depending on how my follies grow, she will instruct us as to when to BD. I will still be temping to confirm O and we will wait it out in the 2ww to see if we were lucky.

DH will also be doing a S/A on Tuesday. Luckily, we got a home collection kit so he can "donate" at home as opposed to in the office. He just has to keep the sample against his skin and get it to the office within 40 minutes. This will help to rule out any male factor infertility (MFI).

We will also do a post-coital test next cycle to check my CM. Dr. Bass has reason to believe that, because of my LEEP procedure a few years ago for cervical dysplasia, I may not be producing quality fluid. So, DH and I will BD the night before my visit and they will take a sample of my CM to see if sperm are capable of surviving in it. If this test comes back with poor CM, we may have to resort to IUI in order to bypass the cervix.

The problem is that our insurance only covers 50% of IUI, which amounts to $500 out of pocket for each procedure. We don't have that kind of money just sitting in our account. I'm hoping we won't need to resort to IUI but if we do, we may have to continue Clomid and Pre-Seed while we wait to save up.

Our finances have been pretty tight ever since Christmas, when I didn't get my normal bonus. Plus, I haven't gotten a raise in over a year. To add to the pressure, my job didn't change my tax status like I requested so I am going to owe a lot of money for taxes. Since this is the first year Rob and I are married, we will be filing jointly so I hope it works out that we balance each other out. Or at least, we don't have to owe much. Pain in the a**!!!

As far as my chart goes, it is still sucking. My temp goes up and it comes right back down. I just wish I would O already so AF can get here and I can get started on the Clomid. I'm a tad worried about the side effects (mood swings, hot flashes, hyperstimulation, etc.) but I figure it is worth it in the end. I feel good that I have some answers and that we are one step closer to our miracle baby!

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