Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crawling Out Of My Skin

Last night, I got some bad news: my grandfather is back in the hospital after another possible stroke. I am heartbroken at the thought that he is getting worse. His birthday is February 6th and I'm just praying he can pull through so we can celebrate. I am not quite ready to say goodbye just yet.

This morning, I also got a call from the RE's office. They told me my bloodwork shows I am not immune to measles and I have to go for an MMR shot when I get my period. This also means I have to avoid getting pregnant next cycle. Another one down the drain, I guess. But it must be done. I was hoping to get started on Clomid but maybe it will all work out in the end. Especially if I get this new job. I wouldn't want to fall pregnant straight away and have that to deal with. This will at least buy me a month or two.

Speaking of the new job prospect (cough *lunch* cough), my second interview is in just a few hours and I feel as though I'm about to crawl out of my skin. I feel more nervous than I did at the first interview. I am just planning to do my best, as that is all I can expect from myself. After today, it will be in God's hands to decide.

I've been doing an awful lot of praying and I really hope He is hearing me. I pray that I get this job to benefit my career and family, and that my grandfather will be taken care of.

Be back later to dish about the "lunch date"...wish me luck!

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