Monday, January 01, 2007

7 is a Lucky Number

I want to start by saying:


It is finally 2007 and while I definately look forward to a new year filled with new possibilities, I have to admit that it was harder to let go of 2006 than I originally thought. While it had its ups and downs, 2006 was a year of tremendous change for me and will be a milestone year I will never forget. The year I graduated college, the year I married my love, the year we decided to have a baby and expand our family. So many things that have changed me and I am just a tiny bit sad to see it fade into the past.

For our New Year's Eve, DH and I played it cool and spent it with my parents. We went out to dinner at a small plates restaurant and the food was delicious. We came back to the house and played poker all night. It was so much fun, even though I came in second to my mom. We exchanged Christmas gifts and they were in awe of the camera. Total surprise to them. They bought me a new black jacket, which I love. I also got some intimate apparel, courtesy of mom, and a new shirt that I adore. We rang in the new year inside the house, since it decided to rain in the evening and DH and I were grateful that we decided to stay in and not get soaked while watching fireworks. We had a champagne toast and shared some New Year's kisses. It was great to celebrate with family.

On the TTC front, I think I got my first positive OPK today. I am not 100% sure because I don't usually use these things but it looks pretty close to the control line to me. I have decided to hold off and see what it looks like tomorrow just in case I am wrong. I am going to try to convince DH to BD everyday from now until my predicted O (which is the next 4 days). He may be game but I don't want to come across as demanding. I told my mom about the RE appointment and she was pretty supportive. She did say she thinks nothing is wrong but she is all for finding out more info since it has taken so long.

Well, here begins another year and I hope that 7 proves to be the lucky number it is always said to be.

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