Monday, December 04, 2006

Ovulate, AF, Repeat

I'm finally back from my busy busy weekend. I must say that my new hair looks fantastic! I really needed the change. It is shoulder-length, blonde with layers. I've gotten lots of compliments so far and I haven't really put much effort into it since Friday either!

On Saturday, DH and I got into the holiday spirit and bought our tree. We decorated it with lights, garland and ornaments, both old and new. We listened to some old-fashioned Christmas classics while we put everything together. It looks so festive in the apartment now. I still can't believe that Christmas will be here soon. This year just went by so quickly with my graduation and the wedding and TTC. Everything feels like a blur - but a good blur. I bought some Christmas cards so I can work on those this week. I also need to get my butt in gear with the shopping or else I'm going to be in a heap of trouble, attempting to get into any mall in the days before Christmas.

The FF Christmas party was yesterday and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. It was indescribable to meet the women who I talk to everyday and share my most intimate details with. It felt as if I had known them my entire life. The bond we share is just unbelievable. I love them so much. Some girls couldn't attend of course, but I thought about them and how I wanted to meet each and every single one of them. Seeing the girls as mothers to their darling children made the whole TTC thing much more real. Not that everything seemed easy but here were women who had to overcome many obstacles to conceive and yet their babies were here, in their arms, playing with me. TTC finally felt achieveable - one day I would be that mother talking about her child and passing him or her around to be fawned over. It felt like a dream that I can't wait to relive.

As far as my chart is concerned, I am still waiting on the eggie. It is now CD17 and I'm hoping today is it. We have been BDing like bunnies for the past few days, with the Pre-Seed, so I hope that the timing was on. Last month, I O'd on CD17 so I hope this month is a repeat.

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