Monday, December 11, 2006

Help, I Can't Get Up!

Looks like its Monday again so soon. It was really difficult for me to wake up this morning. I find it becoming much harder for me to get motivated at the start of a work week. I managed to shower and get ready in record timing. Surprisingly, the highways were better than usual and I made it to work almost a half-hour early! It must be people taking their holiday vacation time because I usually sit in an hour of traffic in the morning.

I went to the deli today to get lunch and almost every single person there was sick. One of the workers was coughing her head off so bad that she had to retreat to the back. Other people were coughing into the crook of their arms. If I hadn't already ordered my meal and paid, I probably would have sprinted out of there. Instead, I stayed and got the order to go. I'm worried that I'm going to get sick for my birthday tomorrow or for Christmas and so I'm trying to avoid anything that may jeopardize my health. Hopefully, I'm just being paranoid about this visit and I turn out to be fine. Moving right along...

I got to see my parents on Saturday, which was great. We went to the mall and got the vast majority of our Christmas shopping done. So now, I only have to buy for DH and my parents. They are the hardest to buy for but I think I have some ideas. I can't even decide what it is that I want for Christmas this year. All I could tell DH was I wanted a fertility monitor. But he thinks we should wait until we get the results back from the testing we are planning to do in February. Maybe he's saying that to throw me off but I really can't think of anything else I'd rather have. The one thing I want more than anything is something that is beyond my realm of control - a baby.

My chart is still looking fine, although FF tried to move my O date to CD19. I know this is incorrect because (1) I didn't have fertile CM that day, and (2) I took that temp an hour and a half earlier than usual so it is not too reliable. I decided to override the system to go with the more likely O date of CD17. That puts me at 7dpo today. My temps are steady which is good but I'm keeping an eye out for any implantation signs (a dip or triphasic rise). I'd prefer to see the dip at this point since my "possible triphasic" chart last month turned out to be a hoax.

I have little to no symptoms at all, which is totally different from my past two cycles. I've had a tiny bit of gas since yesterday but no cramps or bloating or anything. I hope that is a good sign but it feels more like a bust to me. I'm halfway to the testing date, so just another week and we'll get to see if we were lucky. There have been lots of December BFPs on the boards so I'm hoping some of that babydust rubs off on me.

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