Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn the quite uneventful 24. Of course, I feel exactly the same as I did when turning 23. This is, however, my first birthday celebration as a married woman so it is a little different in that aspect. I am in a pretty good mood overall but I have to say that I have barely worked an ounce today. That and I also had quite a conversation with my mom that has left me pondering.

She called to wish me a happy birthday and as we ALWAYS do, we get to talking about things going on in our lives and within the family. I mentioned our trip to GA and how it was only 11 days away. She casually brought up the fact that I shouldn't buy gifts for DH's family if I can't do the same on our side. I was quite taken aback by this comment. Last year, we had Christmas at my parents' house with the rest of the family and bought everyone gifts, while we didn't do the same for DH's family down in GA. Now, we are trying to balance things out by spending Christmas with DH's side this year. So, I bought gifts for everyone down there and am leaving out some people in my family this year (who are getting cards, BTW). I feel like this is a pretty fair trade. Besides, the people she is defending are my grandmother and brother, both of whom failed to show at my wedding this year and really have made no effort to go out of their way for me in the past or present. My own brother has even said he wants nothing to do with me! I told her that this hurt my feelings because I try my best to balance things between the sides. I buy for who I want to buy for. She apologized and admitted to being a little jealous and that with me being her only offspring close to her, she wants me near all the time. I kindly told her that I am doing my best but there are some years where that is just not going to be possible.

Now don't get me wrong: my mother and I are extremely close and I love her to pieces. I just feel her timing here was really off the mark. Today is my birthday and I shouldn' t have to defend my actions, especially when the holidays aren't supposed to be about who gets what. This has dampened my mood a bit and I guess I feel like I should just buy for everyone now to keep peace. I don't want to argue or cause drama. But I still feel that she could have chosen a better time to bring this up. Now, I feel a little down when I should be super happy.

Anyway, I know I will have a terrific evening. My wonderful husband has planned a nice evening out with some of our closest friends to a restaurant called Christopher Daniel. We have never been but I've heard they have amazing food so I am delighted to try something new. It is a little bittersweet because the one wish I would like to have fulfilled is to have a healthy baby. Unfortunately, that is out of my hands but I can have fun wishing for it to come true soon.

For the rest of the day, I am not going to let things get me down. This is my day and I deserve happiness (for at least one day)!

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