Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wait and See

It happened - I ovulated on CD 17!!! I am totally thrilled that it wasn't delayed like last month. I got my crosshairs just 2 days ago, so that puts me at 5 dpo. Yesterday, I had a pinching sensation in my abdomen near my bellybutton but that could have been gas. Altogether, I feel great! I'm a little worried because my past two temps have gone down and are a little too close for comfort to my coverline. Hopefully, they will spike back up a bit tomorrow.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday about the test results. She said that the abnormal lab was a low albumin level. (I know what you're thinking...wth is albumin? Sounds like a type of tuna or something...) It's actually a protein manufactured by the liver. It is one of the most important proteins in your body because it maintains the level of water in your blood and helps to transport it throughout your body. Low albumin levels are typical of cancer, liver disease or in cases of severe malnutrition. Since my doctor highly doubts I fall into any of those categories, I have to go tomorrow morning to get retested. It sounds like a fluke to me too, but you can't help but be a little paranoid upon hearing news like that.

Today happens to be election day. I am pretty embarassed to say that I haven't a clue about the candidates and their platforms. I just haven't kept up with it like I should. Considering that women died for our right to vote, I feel it is my responsibility to exercise this right. I just don't want to make an uninformed decision.

Election day is also the anniversary of my biological father's death. He wasn't in my life for very long and when he was, it was anything but pleasant. He was an avid drug user and eventually, he developed lymphoma. I hadn't seen him for almost 10 years when I heard about his condition and visited him in the hospital. I knew death was apparent but I didn't realize how close it was. That was in August 2000 and in November, he was gone. I have mixed feelings about his death because of the suffering he caused me and our family. But, all in all, I pray for him and hope that he is living a better life beyond the grave than he did when he was here on earth.

Well, back into the 2ww I go. I guess I'm at the point now where I just have to wait and see.

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