Saturday, November 04, 2006

Only Time Will Tell

Today has been another lazy Saturday. I've had a pounding headache for a few hours now and I'm just praying it goes away soon.

My doctor called me and left me a message with the results of my bloodwork yesterday. My thyroid is normal, as are my kidneys and my CBC. So, I do not have hypothyroidism and I am not anemic. However, she said that one of my other labs has come back abnormal and she would like me to be retested. She said that she feels the lab may have screwed something up because it didn't seem right. She wasn't specific about which test it was so I have to call on Monday to get more details. She did mention that if it comes back abnormal again, we will have to discuss it.

I've been trying not to worry myself over what it could possibly mean. I am naturally nervous because of the vagueness of the message, but there's no point in stressing out over something that could have been a fluke. I keep telling myself not to think about it until it is time to think about it. The truth shall be revealed!

In better news, I think I may have O'd on CD 17!!! I am currently on CD 19 and my temps have gone up a good bit. If they are still up tomorrow, I should get my crosshairs. If I did in fact ovulate, our BD timing was pretty good this cycle. I had 6 days of EWCM so those little guys should have been up there, ready and waiting. I would love to have a Thanksgiving BFP!!! Of course, only time will tell.

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