Sunday, October 15, 2006

Less Is More

Well, we are finally back from our busy yet productive weekend. Yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday party. Actually, it was more like an intimate gathering, as the only people present were me, DH, my mom and dad. But who says you need to have a huge blowout party to have fun? I bought some cute balloons and a banner that read "Aged to Perfection". We chose that theme because dad isn't the type to find humor in the typical tombstone decor. And, because, it was just a perfect fit for him.

We ate dinner at a world-reknown French restaurant in Baltimore called Charleston. It was, by far, the BEST meal I've had in my life. And I believe everyone else felt the same way. The food was just outstanding. The format was called tapas, where you order 3-6 entrees that are about 4 ounces each. This way, you can sample several different meals as opposed to choosing one large plate. The dessert was a creme brulee trio and a marscapone panna cotta, which was complimentary for the special occassion. I was dully impressed with the service and the food. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and probably the most expensive meal I've ever eaten but it was something I will NEVER forget. I had such a great time with just the four of us.

Saturday was also great because my mom and I found Christina Aguilera tickets online! She's coming to town in April 2007 to the 1st Mariner Arena so I'm excited we'll get to see her. We got 3 tickets in section 109 which is in the middle the first tier, left of the stage. We also bought 1 ticket on the floor, left of the stage, about 25 rows back so we can each take turns going down to get a better look. C'mon April!!!!! Today, DH and I went to his dad's house to work on our sailboat, Sea Note. We bought the sailboat last year and DH has been working to fix it up. It was our last day to sail before the cold weather sets in. It was so peaceful and serene on the river. However, I did get emotional once when DH was impatient with me as I worked the rudder, haha. Overall, it was a nice day.

On the TTC homefront, I've now moved on to 12 dpo. This morning, my temp dropped by about 0.4 degrees. It may have been due to innaccuracy - the fact that I woke up at 6am to pee and had to take my temp earlier. Or it could mean the old AF witch is about to crash the party. I'm hoping its the first of the two. Wish me luck!

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