Monday, June 30, 2008

In Which More Time Passes

It's been a week again. My bad. Time just keeps passing me by. I almost wish it would slow down a little so I could catch my breath. Can you believe it will be July tomorrow? JULY! Where did June go?

First of all, I have to comment on the BFP bonanza going on in the blogworld. Between my girls Alison, Mel and JJ, I'm about to go into preterm labor over here. Give them lots of love while they anxiously wait for glimpses of their little uterine inhabitants.

ETA: Forgive my preggo brain, but don't forget to stop by and congratulate Samantha! She has been through hell and back on her IVF journey and could use some hugs right now as well.

*P-word and baby talk below*

My 34 week appointment went well last week. Fundal height was right where it should be. Heart rate showed a "happy and healthy baby boy". Doctor's words - not mine, I swear. BP was nice and low. Weight is okay (+36 lbs.). I was hoping to gain less than 40 overall but whatever. I eat when I'm hungry, which just so happens to be about every 2 hours, and I've passed the point of freaking out over weight gain. I just want to get through the next several weeks and if that means stuffing my face with milkshakes, Jello, and Italian Ice - so be it. A pregnant woman has to subsist in this heat and so far, that is my only means of survival.

My next appointment at 36 weeks will entail a Group B Strep (GBS) swab and my first cervical check. I was really starting to like not having to drop my panties at my appointments and now we're back to everyone and their brother viewing my most private areas. Guess I better get accustomed to it now since L&D will be the ultimate display in Cooch-E-Vision.

We are still making progress towards preparing for our Sunshine. We interviewed a pediatrician last Wednesday and we felt comfortable enough to decide to give her a try. It is a multi-group practice about 5 miles from our apartment and they have evening and weekend hours for acute care. All of the doctors have their own cell phones and we were encouraged to call at anytime if we had any questions. Being first time parents, I have no doubt we will overreact and need extra reassurance so this was a big deal to us. They also have 2 lactation consultants on staff to assist with breastfeeding. Again, a big plus for me being a first timer. We discussed the vaccine controversy and they are very flexible. Although they recommend following the American Academy of Pediatrics timeline, they will allow the parents to modify if that is their choice. While I will most likely stick to the standard schedule, I like having the option to split up the shots so too many aren't given at one time or to delay a shot if it makes me feel more at ease.

There were only 2 minor issues. Our pediatrician will be on vacation right around our due date. Not a huge deal - we will just have to meet with another doctor in the practice for the first couple of visits. I'm okay with that. The other issue is that this particular practice does not have rights at the hospital where I will deliver so I will have to use a house pediatrician to assess the baby right after birth. Again, not a big deal but something to keep in mind for the future.

Overall, I feel good to have crossed that off the master list.

The nursery is still coming along. I bought a closet shelf organizer this weekend to maximize space. However, we are in a holding pattern until our glider and changing table arrive, which should be sometime in the next week. Then, I'll have more pics to share with all of you.

I think our apartment is the cleanest it has ever been thanks to my nesting. Those rumors are totally true. I woke up yesterday at 630am with an INTENSE urge to clean. I Swiffered the floors, washed the dishes, wiped the counters down with Lysol wipes, cleaned the toilets, vacuumed, did some laundry. We're talking on my hands and knees at some points, vacuuming and scrubbing in crevices I never knew existed. I was just "in the zone" and nothing was going to stop me. It had to get done at that exact moment or I was going to hurt someone. It was THAT bad. My back was terribly sore after working so hard but man does it feel good to sit back and enjoy a clean living space. Now, if I could just stop DH from making a mess of it again, I'll be in business.

Next on the OCD to-do list:

Pack hospital bag, preferably before 36 weeks

Buy nursing bras/tanks and granny panties for hospital bag
Clean out vehicles, as DH uses them as trash recepticles
Have carseats inspected before 37 weeks

And, as if two showers weren't enough, I am about to have my third and final baby shower this Sunday (I know, I know, I'm walking funny because I have a horseshoe up my butt). The first shower was for work and the second was friends and family. However, we have a lot of 0ut-of-state family flying in for a reunion of sorts and they want to have a shower for me while they are in town. I can't wait to see everyone, as I haven't seen many of them since our wedding. It makes me giddy that everyone is so excited over our impending arrival. If he only knew how much he was already loved, he would certainly decide to stick around, right? I want nothing more in this world.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love! Sounds like you've been busy busy! Can't wait to "meet" baby boy!! :)

Fertilized said...

jcpenney's is having a sale on nursing bras and tanks right now - free shipping if you use the code LOWEM (good til today)

Fertilized said...

Ack I forgot to say congrats on another great appointment. I found i was way more hungry in the last few weeks than ever - eat all you want. The weight will pour off while BFing,

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

So glad that things are going well! YAY for 34 weeks! And the cervical checks aren't so bad...its nice to know what's going on with your body. :) Thanks for the love on my blog.


Samantha said...

It does seem to be BFP summer season right now! Sounds like you are all prepared for the home stretch!

PamalaLauren said...

34 weeks! WOOHOO!! Almost to the finish.

I'll tell you about an article that really eased my "overloading" the system fears for vaccinations.

It's in this months Parents magazine. I tried to find it online but I'm guessing they didn't put it online. It's too bad because it's the first article that I've seen that's addressed this concern of overloading the immune system.

Anyhow it says that .1% of the immune system is used when getting shots. So doing the MMR only uses .1% which was kind of surprising to me, I'd think it would be more.

This article also addressed Mercury which is only found in some flu shots and you can ask for the non-mercury kind. It says a breastfed baby is exposed to 25 more times mercury in six months than comes in the shot! And then the type of mercury found in the shot is a rapid break down shot, leaves the system within two weeks, while the mercury you find in Tuna fish takes two months to break down! It did say you're going to get more mercury in your system from eating a Tuna sandwich.

I thought that was interesting, and I wish they had it up online.

In my last few weeks I went from not being able to eat anything to wanting pizza and oreos all the time. LOL!!

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Wow we are so living parallel lives. I did the crazed cleaning thing this weekend and I mean it was insane. I even sanitized all the doorknobs and light switches. Husband was a bit scared.

AND I'm going to start packing my hospital bag and baby girl's diaper bag today too!

Congrats on a great appointment. And have a fantastic THIRD shower!


"Our Sticky Bean" said...

I just came across your blog. CONGRATS! My DH and I also suffered two horrific losses 5 months apart before getting preggo with our Sticky Bean. Joslyn Olivia was our 3rs pregnancy in 11 months. She entered this world and our lives on April 11, 2008 and she is our wonderful Sticky Bean. Funny, I also have a blog with a similar name. Mine is
I wish you all the best... and I will be checking in to see how it is all going!!!


docgrumbles said...

Good luck with all the prep!

I am jealous of all those showers!

Anonymous said...

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