Thursday, May 15, 2008

28 Weeks: The Boredom Continues

*Preggo talk below*

28 weeks today. If Sunshine were to be born this week, he would have a 90% chance of surviving (with some assistance, of course). I am still hoping he stays in the oven for many more weeks but I am feeling good about those odds.

With this mini-milestone comes another OB appointment. I had my glucose tolerance test (GTT) today. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I thought the orange liquid would be gloopy like syrup. Instead, it was just like a flat, orange Shasta. Sweet and made my tummy a little upset but tolerable. The hardest part was not eating anything after my small breakfast. I need my mid-morning snack and my lunch around noon. Eating has definitely become a sport for which I could easily attain a bronze medal if it were included in the Olympic Games.

However, despite my constant grazing, the OB was content with my weight gain (about +28-29 lbs). My blood pressure was a healthy 102/64. And Sunshine's heart rate was somewhere around 160. So, no surprises there. Still happily accepting the position of "boring OB patient". He did kick the doppler twice and my belly moved in waves as he tried to dodge the pressure on my abdomen. He really didn't appreciate the invasion of his living space. He also kicks pretty much anytime I innocently rest my hand or arm on my belly - aggressively I might add. He has definitely claimed it as his own. Vacant real estate has become quite valuable in the land of U'trus so I can totally understand his frustration - even if it secretly makes me giggle. Feisty little guy.

I also had my Rho-gham shot today. It stung a little but no biggie. Odds are Sunshine has Daddy's RH+ blood and not Mommy's rare RH- so it was one of those necessary evils.

Not much else to report. Just the norm. I should only get a call from the OB if I happen to fail so I hope not to hear from them before my next appointment in two weeks.

I couldn't help but sneak a peek off of my registries this week - I know, bad girl! - and noticed that the first few items have been purchased! I am so excited. I believe my shower will be sometime next month, although the exact date is a surprise. I just can't comprehend how this is all coming together.

I stare at the items in the unfinished nursery and can't imagine having a baby in the flesh to wear the clothes or play with the toys. But at the same time, I am so eager to have him here. I find myself drifting off and daydreaming about what he might look like in those adorable sleepers. What toys might make him smile or laugh. Or what his cries might sound like as I lay in bed, waiting for sleep to take over. I'm so attached to the idea already.

So far, I have to say I have enjoyed this pregnancy. It has gone quite smoothly, aside from a few small hurdles which we managed to sail over with relative ease. I am utterly grateful and thankful. I take the constipation, the heartburn, the back pain, the leg cramps and all of the other joys of pregnancy in stride with minimal complaints. And I adore feeling him move around inside of me. It is unexplainable how it feels to know that I have a little person in there. Every kick or twitch reassures me that it is all so worth it.

And while I try not to rush things (or worry the time away) and enjoy each moment - as these memories are so short-lived - I can't help but sometimes wish there was a fast forward button. I just can't wait for him to be a part of our family. We've wanted him for so long and his arrival is feeling so close and yet so far away. I just want to get there. I want to know that we will get there. If only there was some sort of guarantee.

My son. My new love. Only 12 weeks until our dreams should become a reality.


Fertilized said...

Kristen i love reading your updates and ob appointments. I am so glad you are a boring ob patient!

I am also glad that you are enjoying this! It's a good feeling after alot of the bad ones

Meghan said...

I too had another boring OB appt yesterday. And I agree, it sure is nice! Glad everything's doing well with your little sunshine

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

So glad to hear you had another "boring" appt. Go Sunshine! Time is flying - he'll be here before you know it!

Good luck with the GTT. I'm in the same boat waiting for my results as well.

Dr. Grumbles said...

Hooray for viability!

deanna said...

Boring patients UNITE! I really wish there were whole blog-loads more of us, and that no one had to ever have eventful OB visits. So glad all is well and going great!

CONGRATS ON 28 WEEKS! Wooooohoooo!!

Elin said...

Weird how the first 12 weeks are so scary and now its the last 12 weeks, how exciting!! Woo hoo im so pleased for you guys.
Lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

Nothing boring about you! I still get all butterflies inside when I read about how well you and sunshine are doing. I'm so excited for YOU!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY for 28 weeks! I completely understand where you're at with all of it. I've really tried to enjoy every second of this pregnancy and, overall, I think I've done that. I really enjoy being pregnant--its just an intimate, amazing experience. And as much as I want to meet my little girl, I don't want to wish it away just yet...because I just know it will be here before I know it and I'll never get this time with her again.

Enjoy your 12 weeks! :) HUGS!

chicklet said...

Kristen, I just SOOO can't believe you're this close. Wow. That's awesome. And on the peeking at gifts - I'd totally do that!!!

Heather Johnson said...

I'm amazed at how differently women view their pregnancies depending on how hard they had to work to get pg. When I was pg w/ my son I was thrilled of course, but it was also "no big deal" b/c it was relatively easy for me to get pg. But afterwards we spent 4 yrs doing tx that eventually proved unsuccessful, and I wish I had that first pg back so I could appreciate it even more.

I'm glad things are going so well for you and I pray that they continue!

Go NaComLeavMo! ... and hi from a fellow Marylander. :)