Monday, January 28, 2008

Prayers and Hugs Needed

One of our comrades, Alexa, needs your prayers and hugs right now. Her son, Ames, passed away in utero several weeks ago and her water has broken now at 24 weeks, compromising the well-being of his twin sister, Simone.

I pray that God will keep watch over Alexa and her little ones and deliver Simone safely into her mother's arms. Miracles happen everyday and I pray that this will be another example of that.


Anonymous said...

sorry to contact you this way.. but I didn't know how else to get you!
I will add dear Alexa to my prayers!

Hello ...

I am a part of the august DD club on FF. I am not sure if you know or not, but FF has a tendency to kick off Due Date clubs, right after the births of the babies.. and people will also automatically fall away and not want to pay anymore.

I am trying to start another board for us to migrate to so we don't have to loose everyone at the end of our time together. To many great friendships form. I also would like us to be able to share links, emails, phone numbers, ect with each other and be able to have the right to free speech.

I have started the board here:

It's still a work in progress.. but I keep adding stuff everyday, and working on getting our own domain.

If you want to joining the few of us there.. great, if not no hard feelings. Please feel free to pass the link on to others!

Thanks for your time!


Melissa said...

Prayers and hugs sent from me. What a sad story, I wish we could understand God's plan better sometimes!

PS-I have protected my blog to only allowed readers, so if you can send me your email address, I'd love to add you.
melissazubik at