Thursday, October 04, 2007


They do exist! Please stop over and see Leah's big news. All of our prayers really worked and she was able to see a healthy baby with a heartbeat at her u/s yesterday!

So with that in mind, let's pass on the power of prayer to Mrs. B, who is in need of some love after she received news that her betas are not doubling. I hope the miracle of life can continue making its rounds.

I've moved a lot of you over to the pregnancy side lately! Congratulations to all of our recent BFPs: Gabby, Nica, Amy and Chili...just to name a few. Keep 'em coming, ladies!


Taina said...

You are really wonderfully supportive of sooo many women on this journey. I hope you know that the love is reciprocated darling!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for offering a prayer out there for me. I really feel like what little faith I had before all this is quickly vanishing.

I am so glad to have the kindness and support of friends like you in my life right now. I don't know how I would make it without you guys!

Nica said...

Thanks for your kind comment!

I'm still a little scared and freaked. (After all, my first RE said I would NEVER, yes NEVER conceive with my eggs).

So. If this works, it may be a miracle indeed.

Thank you, thank you.

Katie said...

I love how supportive you are on your site! Very inspirational! I also love "meeting" new folks that way!

Anonymous said...

So now that I've officially delurked, I can comment every day?!? :o) Kidding.

Just read this:

Thought you might be interested.

Heather said...

Good luck to everyone!

Chili said...

Awwww thanks!