Thursday, September 06, 2007

Show Some Love

If you haven't already, please make your way over to see Sara and give her tons of virtual love. She just found out yesterday that her little Pygmy Puff has no heartbeat and she will be having a D&C on Monday. This is her second loss and it just isn't fair. I hate that she has had to join the RPL club. It's one that no one wants a membership to.

I'm sending you lots of hugs and I'll be praying you find peace soon. I wish there was more to say.


Regina said...

Nice to meet you, come by and see me anytime. I am always happy to meet new friends. I will send a message to sara, I have been through the exact same thing, and it's very tough, but I know things can and will get better!

Take care

Ms. Infertile said...

Thanks for your comments - It's nice to have people who understand.

I read Sara's story - very unfair. My thoughts are with her.

Anonymous said...

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