Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Tricky Dicky Ovaries

Maybe I'm not anovulatory after all. I got my crosshairs yesterday. Looks like my long awaited egg finally decided to come of out hiding. Of course, DH and I missed the mark because of my UTI. It's like my ovaries knew we couldn't have sex so they thought it would be fun to play a practical joke and release an egg now. Those ovaries...so damn funny. I bet they're having a great laugh at my expense as we speak. Oh, well. I'm not really that upset. I'm actually glad that I won't have to make the call for Provera and can just ride it out until the crimson witch appears.

Speaking of my lovely UTI, I finished my Macrobid on Sunday but was still pissing razorblades so back to the doctor I went. I still had WBC in my urine so they switched my antibiotic and told me to follow-up with a urologist. I am so tired of having fifty million different physicians. My PCP. My OB/GYN. My RE. And now a urologist? I already take enough time off of work for my fertility (or lack thereof) and now I'm expecting to do so for my pee hole. I figure I'll wait until DH's new insurance kicks in next month and then I'll look into it. But if they so much as mention putting a catheter in there, that's it. I can be violated by the dildo cam all day long but my vagina is like the Grand Canyon compared to my urethra, which is more like the pothole I drive over in the parking lot at work. Significantly smaller surface area to mess with. And besides, I'm used to having things come OUT of there - not IN. Yes, maybe I'm being a bit ornery about the whole thing and it is for the greater good and blah blah blah. But I can't not throw a fit about the tortuous possibilities I envision when I think of urology. As if I haven't been examined down there enough times? I think my private parts have been looked at by more strangers than Jen.na Jam.eson and frankly, the thrill is gone.

Anyway, I called DH on the way home from the doctor and it went a little something like this:

DH: So how did it go?

Me: Infection still there. On more antibiotics. They think I need to see a urologist. In case I have a microscopic tear or something.

DH: Do they do pregnancy tests while you're there?

Me: Ummm...no. You have to ovulate and have sex to get pregnant, remember?

DH: I know, I was just thinking, you know...maybe the two are connected.

Me: So are you suggesting an embryo somehow implanted in my pee tubes?

DH: You can't blame a guy for trying.

Men. Gotta love 'em.

That would be one for the record books.


journey to junior said...

argh!! you know, i went to a urologist for a recurrent UTI (forgot about that, happened 10 years ago) b/c i had been on antibiotics 3-4 times and it kept flaring up. he suggested 3 things - #1 take antibiotics prophalactically, #2 have a procedure done where they do something somewhere in there (sorry, so vague, can't remember what it was called or how it worked), or #3 take massive amounts of vitamin C. i opted for #3 and i never had to go back. it completely worked.

also, make sure any cranberry juice you are drinking is sugar free (i.e., pure cranberry juice). it tastes like a$$ but the sugar can aggravate the UTI (you probably knew this but thought i'd throw it in there as well).

now, massive amounts of vitamin C does not mix well with TTC - but maybe if you just do it for a couple of weeks it will help clear it up? i can't remember how long i took it...

i'm sorry, k. xoxox

p.s. tee hee re: your hubby. he seems like such a cutie.

Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

What sort of antibiotic did you get now? I have to say I am not much impressed with Macrobid. I really hate doctors' reluctance to prescribe serious antibiotics. You need to get some cipro- if it can kill anthrax, it can take out your UTI. I am sorry you are stull dealing with this.

Meghan said...

I used to get recurrant UTI's all the time. I finally did the prophalatic antiobiotics (not cipro though, my pee was resistant to that) and my dr suggested cranberry pills instead of drinking all that juice. Haven't had one in 6 years! (bang, bang, bang...knocking on something right now)

Hope you feel better, I wouldn't wait too long to go to the doc, the infections can spread pretty easily

Kathy said...

Why is it that men can grow up, learn where babies come from as kids, do tons of practice, yet they have no clue how things really work down there? Babies in a pee pee hole. BA!!

Road Blocks and Rollercoasters said...

OUCH!!! Of all the things I'm glad for, I'm really glad we don't have to push a baby out of our pee hole. That would REALLY suck and if it implanted there that would really, really suck.

I hope you feel better soon and get over this UTI! It's so annoying when ovaries play tricks on you and perform when you can't. I hate them!

Sending you hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery. :)

Chris said...

Your hubby is just too funny! You are lucky to have him around to make you laugh.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, I just spewed my drink everywhere. That was hilarious. Why didn't I think of that one before? I'm going to demand that they do an ultrasound of my pee tubes first thing tomorrow to see if there are any babies in there.

But anyway, I'm sorry that you're still in pain :O(.

Courtney said...

As far as the record books go, there is always a first time for everything. Never say never!


jenna sais quoi said...

LOL- re: hubby. Although when you think about it, his repro equipment and peeing equipment are one and the same, so that may have something to do with it!

Geohde said...

I hope that when you get your embryo, it implants in your *uterus* and not your, err, pee-orifice.

I'm happy to give a blastocyst a lesson the the nessecary anatomy. I do good explanatory diagrams.



LeRoy Dissing said...

Your husband has a vivid imagination. Gotta like that! I hope your infection clears up soon and stays that way. I certainly don't envy any woman going through this stuff. Us men hardly ever get our privates looked at! lol

jess said...

I hate going to a urologist, just because I'm terrified of being catherized. I've actually had bladder surgery, where they stretched my urethra and drained all the infection. Since then, I have had no more UTIs.

LOL at your hubby. That's hilarious!

Kym said...

I hope you can get the UTI thing under control that has to suck. I've had one and it is not fun! I'm sorry they keep giving you different doctors. But I have got to say you crack me up! I loved the talk with DH! Glad you o'd too, sorry you guys missed it, but hopefully next cycle you can do clomid. Thinking of you always!

Take care girl!

Shelli said...

Sounds like something my hubby would say. We often joke that if we didn't have our humor through everything we've been through.. we'd be mumbling incoherent sentences in a corner. :)

I hope you can get that UTI under control. Sounds just awful!

Trish said...

hahahaha.. Gotta love boys.

I hope your pee hole feels better quickly!

JJ said...

Oh thats just too funny....its amazing how our minds STILL HOPE even if there isnt the slightest chance it worked on a certain cycle. I hope you are feeling MUCH better by now--I HATE UTI's--I dont wish them on anyone!