Monday, August 20, 2007

R.I.P. Gleep and Gloop

If you haven't already, please lend your support to OliveGirl, who recently had a D&C after the loss of her twins at 10 weeks. While I am a newcomer to her blog, my heart goes out to her in this difficult time.


Grad3 said...

Just wanted to say that I saw you liked the Nanny Dairies. I just read it on vacation and I loved it!

Thanks for the comment on my 'Another Cross' post. I am sorry that you are able to relate so well to it. Sometimes, I just need a break from it. Sounds like you could use one as well. To bad we can't switch... I would trade if it would make a difference to you though!

They say we'll get there though, right?

olivegirl said...

Thank you for thinking of me.