Monday, April 30, 2007

The Underoo Diaries

Today was my CD12 u/s. I have 2 big follies on my right ovary, 16mm and 18mm. YAY! My RE says I should release around Weds or Thurs. I go back on Weds to have another check-up, and most likely have my PCT as well. I should get to go-ahead from my doc to have my trigger by Weds night. So exciting! DH and I have already gotten into our BD schedule so we are going to keep going everyday until I O. I told DH I was sorry that he had to oblige me for a whole week. I know how hard that must be...*rolling eyes*

My undies have been leaving me some notes recently. Here is an excerpt from the latest entry:

"Would it kill her to give us some water or something? It's like the Sahara down here. For some reason, we're suffering from a drought this month. Whatever happened to those egg whites? Those guys were so fun! We like playing with them every month and now they are nowhere to be found. I sure hope they come back to visit soon..."

Blame it on the Clomid, I say. I hope I don't fail my post-coital test this month. At least I have some PreSeed to help me out. Hopefully, my undies will be thankful for that. My dear friend Emily has offered to send me her leftover OPKs and PreSeed now that she is indefinitely preggo. What a doll! I hope her babydust rubs off on me!

DH and I have finished packing about half of the apartment. The only things left are knick-knacky type items, pots and pans, books and some appliances/equipment (computers, printer, microwave, etc.). We should easily be able to pack that up this week. I can't believe Saturday is our big move. I am so anxious to have a better commute to my new job. It is hell trying to get there in the morning. It takes a good 1.5 to 2 hours. Yuck!

But everyone has been so helpful and nice. I have 3 media plans to work on this week, one of which I finished up today. I've been busy but I am getting the hang of it. I'm sure in time I will really come into my own.


Natalie said...

That's great news!! And yeah, the dryness is definitely the clomid. :/

Ann said...

Don't give up hope on your dryness yet--you've still got tomorrow and Wednesday!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I miss working in an agency!!! I don't take clomid, but green tea tablets help me and honestly aside from making it slippery I also find it increases the libido. I use it when not trying as well!

Baby Blankenship said...

Hey Honey...I didn't have the normal "flow" you hear about from most girls...but I relied on our good friend Preseed and he did his magic...Hang in there the best is yet to come!!! I miss you bunches!!!

Love ya ~ Mandy