Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

I think it is safe to say that Thanksgiving was a success. The food was delish, the company was welcoming, and the holiday spirit was alive. What more could you want, you might ask? (Well, do you really need to ask?)

I love my niece with all of my heart, and everytime we get together, I can't keep my hands off of her. Everytime I see her sweet face, I'm reminded that I would have a son or daughter her age right now. (S)he would be walking and starting to talk right now. And while it hurts me deep in my heart, I think I have a connection or a bond with her that is a bit more than any of my nephews for that reason. We are very close to one another. It makes me feel so good when I go to the bathroom and she cries for me. Or when she reaches out for me to hold her. I just smell her skin (you know that powdery-fresh baby scent - to die for) and close my eyes and sometimes pretend she's mine. I know she isn't, and I feel guilty confessing it, but I can't help but fantasize about the day when I will have a baby of my own to have and to hold.

I am usually startled by reality when she runs to her "real" mother, my SIL. I am woken and confronted with the truth that I am not a mother and no matter how much I fantasize, it has yet to prove any differently.

However, in an attempt to focus on the positive, I have some photos of our Thanksgiving to remember:
The deep-fried bird

Me with the princess after some beauty rest

Being a bit less shy (she was running toward the camera)

My nephew, cheesing it up

Our gingerbread house creation

After an icing overdose

One funny incident to mull over: this morning, as we were playing, my niece pointed to my belly and said "baby". I was stunned for a moment and asked her to repeat it. She lifted up my shirt and said it again, "baby". I'm thinking maybe she was trying to say "belly" and it came out more like "baby". But it sure was interesting, to say the least. I'm only 8dpo so it would be impossible to know anything. Unless she is a fledgling psychic.

It's nice to know some people still have hope.


Geohde said...

That would be eerily prescient of your neice.

Here's hoping that she's right.


Elizabeth said...

So sweet!! I hope she is a baby psychic!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

You are a natural with children Kristen. You look great holding a toddler and I have faith that one day you will holding your own!

Fertilize Me said...

Oh maybe she knows something the rest of us are waiting to find out ??? She is very scrumptious

nancy said...

First of all, I can't believe you had those little white thingies on the ends of the bird's, um, stumps? How fancy dancy! :) Love them!

~hugs~ about all your feelings about your niece!

ahhh - the "baby" comment. (trigs - about to mention children. Sorry!) My 2 yr old will do that every now and again and it freaks me out each and everytime. Since we point out the fact that there is "a baby in her belly" whenever we encounter a pregnant woman, she remembers it. So every now and again, she'll lift my shirt and say the same thing. Hopefully your 8dpo~ness is something she is picking up and you can write down that she's the first to notice!!! :) :) :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

What a cutie! I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that she is in tune with her psychic abilities! :)

abbyperry88 said...

Ahhhh. from the mouths of babes...maybe she know something we don't know yet:) How did your shopping go?

Yodasmistress said...

I cuddle my not-quite-3-year-old nephew sometimes and pretend he's mine too. Usually my sister comes to pick him up right about then and as soon as he sees her at the front door he starts wiggling uncontrollably to get free and meet her at the door. *sigh*

Chris said...

Wow! She is a psychic baby!