Monday, November 05, 2007


This week begins National Infertility Awareness Week. Baby Steps to Baby Shoes has challenged us to take part in one of the many activities that RESOLVE is offering nationwide, and then to blog about the experience. Later this week, I will share what I did to support infertility awareness.

Speaking of infertility awareness, the mother hen of all stirrup queens, Mel, has been nominated for an award. A BIG award. If she wins, she plans to use the attention to educate the general population about IF issues/statistics and to inform people about the IF/Pregnancy Loss blogosphere. And being election year, this could be MAJOR. We could finally get our voices heard by state senators about insurance coverage. Infertility is an extremely special issue close to all of our hearts and this is your chance to take a tiny bit of time to make a huge difference.

Inspired by Flicka's movement, Mel is going to write a draft letter for our local politicians and post it on her blog regardless of whether she wins or loses. However, if we want to reach the general population, she needs to win.

She really needs your help. We need your help. Vote here everyday through November 8th. Three clicks is all it takes.