Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And One Breaks Away From The Pack

Second u/s shows that the 12mm follie on the right has grown to 16.9mm. The others have fallen into oblivion. Not impressive but it will do. It wasn't large enough to trigger today so I go back on Thursday for a third u/s. I am quite tired of being violated by the dildo cam this week. He's been unusually gentle but the pricetag is the ouch factor. Each time I have to go back, it's another $50 down the drain. So, because my body refuses to cooperate, I will have spent $150 on ultrasounds alone this cycle.

Not the best thing to ponder on a dreary, rainy Tuesday morning.

In anticipation of our self-imposed break, I have been seriously contemplating switching RE's come the new year. It's not that I am unhappy with my current level of care. It's just that I need a change of scenery. In truly type-A fashion, I am making a list of advantages and disadvantages to ease the decision-making process.

Advantages to the Switch:

It is a 40-minute drive each way from the new apartment and I've put up with the horrendous, inconvenient, oh-my-gosh-is-that-a-raindrop-let-me-slam-on-my-brakes, I-695 traffic since our move in May. A switch to Super G Fertility Clinic would be convenient to home (location A is 6 miles away from our apartment) or to work (location B is 9 miles away from my job).

A new RE possibly means new approaches, tests and procedures. These could lead to a different outcome (BFP!).

I have heard rave reviews about this clinic. The doctors are available by email and they actually respond!

Possibly less expensive? I'd already be saving in gas alone!

Disadvantages to the Switch:

I am already familiar with my RE and the nurses and have established relationships. What if I hate everyone at Super G? I guess I could always go back...

Possibly more expensive?

My disadvantages reek of fear more than anything else. I doubt the cost will be a significant issue. After all, my insurance will remain the same. I think that the new year will be the perfect time to put my fears aside and go for the change. New year = new beginnings.

Or, as the Pollyanna in me gags and bounds the Cynic in me, I'll get a BFP by December. Or on our "break" (gasp!). I think I'd have a love-hate relationship with that scenario. On one hand, hell yes I want a BFP however it comes to me. But how I'd hate to be a cliche.

Let's not jump ahead of ourselves. I still have to get through this cycle. But a girl can dream.


Meghan said...

Glad at least one follicle decided to step up and perform! Hoping tuesday's u/s goes well.

and as for Super G clinic, I really love that my dr emailed me at night, and then over the weekend when I had my chemical pg. But I totally get the fear in switching

Missy said...

I hope that this month's cycle will become successful and then you won't have to make that choice. :)

Geohde said...

I hear you on the up the whatsit scans.

I only planned to have one this cycle, to see if anything was happening, wait for my own surge and hit it with a trigger and luteal support to be sure (given past history).

Now the RE today insists that I have another scan monday, which is a total PITA AND he wouldn't Rx the trigger until the scan. Wanna bet I surge on sunday, when there's no-one on?

As for the clinic swap, good luck with the decision,


Samantha said...

Blogger just ate my comment :(

I was saying: it's tough to make a switch to a new doctor, but it's also tempting to assume the grass will be greener at the next clinic. If things don't work out, you can just try a consultation and see what you think. It doesn't mean you have switch, just that you're checking out your options.

Meanwhile, good luck with this cycle!

Fertilize Me said...

i agree with samantha - sometimes change can help us feel like we are doing something different and alot of times us IF'ers need that - yuou can always go for a consult and weigh your options after - 16.9 follie is super .. i am wishing you lots of luck this cycle.

Grad3 said...

I am glad to know that a follie took the lead!

I personally think that an RE clinic is different than a normal persons clinic. It's like the nurses know who they are dealing with and seem so much more patient.

No matter what you decide I hope that a sticky bfp is in your near future! Cheering Pollyana on ;) ~Hugs~

JJ said...

That could be the MAGIC follie, ready to get the job done=)

Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my comment too. Grr.

Anyway - here's to one big follie tomorrow.

Good luck with the switch decision - I know that the newness of things sometimes give me a brand new hope - and the chance for a different outcome, as you said.

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura said...

Glad the one follicle is doing well. I hope you don't have to make the decision because you get a BFP this cycle! :)

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

It's okay to dream. It seems like so many BFPs come when they are least expected. 16mm sounds like a very promising follie! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

I am wishing you BUCKETS of luck hon!!

Wordgirl said...

oooh I understand. You and I are on the same track right now...I'm thinking of switching to an RE from an office that 'specializes' in infertility...

May these next months bring you some resolve and peace too....



Yodasmistress said...

"On one hand, hell yes I want a BFP however it comes to me. But how I'd hate to be a cliche."

I hear that!

I just had a consult with a new RE today. I wasn't overly impressed but I'm ready to try something different b/c what I was doing wasn't working!

Elizabeth said...

Don't stop dreaming, girl!
And I like Samantha's suggestion.

infertility just sucks said...

Switching is always so alluring to think about.

It's almost as if because it's different then it MUST CERTAINLY be better.

But it's also such a pain and there may be a time setback as you get to know each other, blabbity, blah, blah.

Tough choice - but I do know that the people who advocate for themselves in any healthcare situation are usually the ones who meet success.

If you think you need something new to have success, then you probably do. Trust your gut. ;) You're a smart lady.

SarahSews said...

New can be good. When I went clinic shopping, I got all my records and did consults, which included exams. That helped me figure out what I liked and didn't about the new places.

As for being cliche, should I take that personally? :) It's okay to dream a little. We all do. My dh is the best at it. He was the one who wanted to get pg in Paris. I thought it was highly unlikely. I'm glad he got his wish, even if I feel like an idiot cliche.

And one follie is enough for this. Sending good thoughts your way.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I'm so glad that one follicle is rising to the challenge. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this 3rd u/s will be your last and that you can trigger.

As for changing REs, I say if you're having that feeling then go for it. Sometimes a change can be a really good thing. I know that for me it's one of the best things I've ever done.


Courtney said...

So glad to hear that one of those follies is pulling through for you! Good luck tomorrow!!!

Abby said...

I say....new year...new start...new RE. I switched RE's last month. I too needed a change. And I am glad I did. My new RE has e-mail and it is so nice. I recently sent him an e-mail and he responed with-in 24 hours! WOW! Plus, if you switch and do not like the new RE, well, then you can always switch back to the old RE.