Friday, August 24, 2007

You Really Like Me?

Right now, you really like me?!

I want to give a great big hug to JJ and to Lub for nominating me as a:

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I am so very humbled by this. Especially to be nominated by such talented writers and beautiful women. I am surrounded by such great people that I don't even consider myself in the same league. This blog really is my open heart, that I wear on my sleeve for all of you to see. And if I can touch someone through what I write, well...that just makes this all so much more special. I am truly flattered that you girls thought of little 'ole me out of everyone else in the blogosphere.

Now comes the moment of truth. Time for my top 5. This is bittersweet because I think just about everyone I have read rocks. I would select everyone if I could, which is evident in my extensive blogroll. And since I can't re-nominate those who have already been nominated, here goes (in no particular order):

1Natalie at Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies - Natalie and I have known each other since the very beginning our TTC journeys. She has been a source of strength and support for me throughout my trials and tribulations - inside and outside of blogland. And her blog is not only graphically enticing but it is open, honest, and informative. She is now pregnant after her second round of IVF and she gives me hope that even when things seem hopeless, there is always that chance that things will pull through when you least expect it.

2Christina at The Oneliner - Christina is the perfect balance of humor and sincerity. She is a great storyteller and I know that whenever I visit her blog, I am in for a treat. VERY talented writer. She makes me laugh and she makes me cry, sometimes all within the same post. I just plain love it.

3M at Infertility Loss...and Life - M has a way of just pulling me in with her writing. I feel for her with every word she writes. She has been through so much with the loss of her angels and I admire her for her great outlook and perseverance through it all, as she moves forward with her third IVF.

4Jamie at Losing The Baby Wait - Jamie's blog was one of the first I started reading when I contemplated creating a blog almost a year ago, and although she probably doesn't realize it, actually inspired me to write. She is funny and smart and genuine. Love her.

5SoCo at Southern Comfortable - Her blog really makes me think. She makes me look at my journey from a different perspective. Despite our different religious backgrounds, I am able to easily relate to her as she struggles to evaluate her faith during her battle with IF. Her posts are always so insightful. I only wish there were more.

And if I may, I have a few honorable mentions:

Mel at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters - If it weren't for Mel's dedication and innovation, I probably wouldn't even know about all of you. She has created this community and in doing so, she has indirectly changed my life. She has (rightfully so) been nominated numerous times but I just had to give her props for everything she has done.

Frank at The Adventures of (In)fertile Frank - I am a newcomer to Frank's blog but I love his wit and he always has the perfect visual(s) to go with his posts. Always great for a laugh and I never leave disappointed. But since he has a few anatomical differences, I am unable to actually nominate him for this pretty pink award. So sorry, Frank.

So there we have it. Thank you girls so much for your love, support and recognition. I think that without your kind words, I would have been committed to the looney bin a long time ago. Thank you for keeping me sane. And thank you all for accepting me into your community with open arms. I will try not to disappoint.


The Town Criers said...

Thank you...sniff...I'm really honoured. Thank you.

Frank N. Beans said...

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! : ) Thanks!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Lovely nominations, and you DO rock=)

Natalie said...

Thanks hon!! I'm number one?? Wow... awesome. :)

So.... what am I supposed to do with this though? LOL I'm very out of the loop! Just pass it on??

Grad3 said...

You do rock and here is the number one reason:

I saw you over at Mel's Bar- You came over and encouraged me and supported me when you are having an emotional week coming up. Thank you Kristen.

You really do rock.

I would like to hand you a mango margarita. Lite on the tequila so there is no strong taste and it's a fabulously mango-ey color!
Cheers to better times. Mel's on the way with a Blue Angel ;)

Samantha said...

Thanks for your support on my blog. You're right, we all rock!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Just happened onto your blog this morning. Nicely done! I do hope this autumn is one to remember in a positive way for you and your husband. I will stop back from time to time just to see how you are doing.

Mrs. D. said...

Wow!!! Thanks!! This is so cool! Sometimes I forget people actually read my blog! I think you are a cool chic too!

I am honored!