Thursday, May 03, 2007

Flying Colors

I passed my PCT with flying colors this morning! YAY! The RE even let me look through the microscope to see the sperm moving around. They looked like tiny tadpoles - it was so neat. I am so happy that my CM is sufficient. I've been smiling about this all day and if anyone knew what I was smiling about, they would really have to call a psychiatrist to come and take me to a padded room. I was so worried about not having enough due to a LEEP procedure I had several years ago. I had an abnormal pap and a colposcopy that came back with low-grade cervical dysplasia. After my surgery, I was told that I may have some issues with my cervical fluid because the laser has the potential to damage CM-producing cells. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I no longer have to worry about this. I'm still a little concerned about my tubes being clear, but other than that, I am pretty happy about my A+. I go back for an u/s on Saturday morning to confirm ovulation. Hopefully, all goes well and I can have a successful 2ww.

Another reason to be happy: I finally got to see that happy face on the OPK! We have a positive, folks. Those 2 eggs should be popping within the next 24 hours. DH and I are going to keep with the BDing for 2 more days. That will put us at 7 days of straight intercourse. Whew - we've been quite busy! As I mentioned before, this BETTER work. Everything has fallen into place just perfectly this cycle and I feel like my body is making up for the past several crap cycles I've had. Maybe it is a sign? I'm trying not to raise my expectations but my girl Hope has already rung the doorbell and invited herself in for a stay.

In the meantime, I have this move to keep me busy. We have some last minute things to pack up tonight and then tomorrow, DH is taking the day off to move boxes. He hopes to move all the boxes himself and then only have the furniture to take care of on Saturday when the movers arrive. I won't be moving very much, except for my clothes and maybe some random light items. I will be more in charge of unpacking once we're moved in. I'm so exhausted after waking up early everyday this week for my hellish commute. I'll be so glad once this is all over and I'll have 1/3 of the drive to work each day. And it won't involve hitting my brakes every 10 seconds. I swear, there's nothing more annoying. Well, okay, maybe AF but you know get where I'm going.


Baby Blankenship said...

Yippee!!!! It's a GO!!!! I know what you'll be doing this weekend ;)~ Have fun...and I would say I'd be thinking of you but that kind of sounds dirty :O But I will...everything seems to be falling together nicely! It's about time!!! Good luck with the move!!!

Love ya ~ Mandy

Sticky Bun said...

Hooray! It sounds like everything is looking great this cycle! Good luck with the move (and the 2ww), and I hope you get another + test at the end of it. :-)