Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quote Me

After reading some fellow blogs today, I became inspired to find famous quotes and sayings about "Hope". It seems that this month has been particularly difficult for a lot of us and it just got me thinking. With all of the frustration that accompanies daily life, we all need to find peace somehow. Especially the complex lives of infertiles, in which our mood each morning is determined by a temperature reading. In which our every desire lies within the appearance of pink or blue lines. As we wait for the results of these strenuous tests, it is when we need Hope the most. When the outcome does not meet our expectations, we often temporarily lose sight of Hope and despair sets in. As powerful as Hope may be, it can be difficult to keep searching her out month after month after month.

Whether we seek solace in our friends or family, fantasy or reality, religion or spirituality, we all need Hope to give us the strength to go on. Just when things seem impossible, Hope is there to give us that extra edge to believe that maybe, just maybe, we can get through this. I've always had Hope but sometimes, it is easier to accept that things aren't meant to be for me. They say that "to want is to suffer" and my wanting a baby has caused me to suffer more than I ever have in my life. Sometimes this sense of doom overrides my Hope and makes it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that I am not the only one guilty of this, and that it is human nature. It is more apparent to me each day when I see my fellow IF's dealing with these same emotions. And with each success story, Hope comes to the rescue to deliver me from my jealousy. I think that if it can happen to them, why not me? It WILL be me...

Anyway, I wanted to find a quote that would be a daily reminder for me. Hope peaks and valleys in a cyclical nature, much like our monthly cycles. I need a reminder for when Hope is deep down in a valley and I lose sight of her. And I think I may have found it. Look to the left and see my new subtitle. Let me know what you think. Share your thoughts. Do any of you have a quote or saying that helps you get through the hard times?